2022-23 Student Outreach

The accessibility and democratization of contemporary arts for Quebec youth are founding values for FTA. Student Outreach programs encourage high school, college and university students to discover the pleasure of the performing arts, stimulate their imagination and invite them to question the role and process of the artist.

The impressive quality of the students’ commitment never ceases to reinforce our conviction of the importance of confronting them with strong contemporary works that question our society.

Festival TransAmériques is a festival of contemporary dance and theatre that presents an average of 25 shows in performance venues and in outdoor public spaces over a two-week period. The 17th edition of the FTA will be held from May 2445 to June 8, 2023 in Montreal.


Student Outreach programs are possible thanks to


FTA 2023 Student Excursions


FTA Excursion

A 4-day long cultural immersion into performing arts

From Thursday to Sunday, join some 100 students from several high schools across the province and immerse yourself in the heart of contemporary creation. This cultural outing is supervised by 2 specialized mediators in dance and theatre. Through practical and interactive workshops, the training focuses on the analysis, understanding and interpretation of works. Logistics and supervision of participants are provided by the Festival.

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+ 4 to 5 shows
+ Theatre and dance workshops + meeting with artists
+ Cultural institutions visit
+ 3-night stay in university residencies

2 Excursions:
+ May 25 to 28, 2023
+ June 1 to 4, 2023

Rate: $280 per student and $395 per professor
Meals and transportation to Montreal and during the stay are not included.

Designed for: Grades 11 and 12


Maximum of 1 group per school and 25 students per group.


Customized FTA Excursion

Dance or theatre custom program

Design your ideal excursion: dates, shows, workshops, meetings with artists or free activities of your choice. Take advantage of the Festival’s suggestions and receive our complete documentation.

Interested in this program? Contact us now: [email protected]

+ 3 shows or more
+ Accommodation available 
+ Schedule and price depend on selected activities

Designed for: Grades 11 and 12, college and university students



FTA à la carte

School group discounts

Benefit from the support of the Festival, a special rate, all the information available on must-see shows and additional activities.

Interested in this program? Contact us now: [email protected]

+ 10 students or more
+ Schedule and price depend on selected activities

Designed for: Grades 11 and 12, college and university students



FTA at school

We do not accept any reservations for the 2022-2023 school year.

Experienced cultural mediators, accompanied by inspiring artists, are available to present workshops in school, with activities linked to performances included in the FTA program. These workshops are available all year long and all across Quebec.

Have any questions? Contact us at [email protected].

Cost: $50 per class for a 1 workshop

Available from: The entire 2022-2023 school year

Designed for: Grades 11 to 12, college and university students


Workshops offered

From Words to the Body: Imaginary Reality

This workshop is a celebration of dance as an act of imagination, in order to experiment with our physical realities in new ways. An invitation to open up to new connections and thus explore ways bodies want to move when influenced by the imagination.

+ Dance
+ In French and/or English
+ Workshop available for one or more periods

With Katie Ward (artist)

Katie Ward takes care of our imaginations and of the ties that connect us together. In 2011, she founded the Compagnie Katie Ward (CKW), seeking to foster the practice of sharing collaborative and creative production processes. Sensitive to physical phenomena and to the transformation of human as well as inanimate matter, she pursued a quantic approach with Infinity Doughnut in 2014. Later on, with Peter James during the creation of Matière grise (FTA, 2016), she explored the qualities of a renewed gaze with a drifting yet committed focus on the environment. In 2019, imaginationreality marked the beginning of an increasingly deliberate relational practice, from which stems Anything Whatsoever, a performance presented at FTA in 2021.

Introduction to Krump and its History

Melika DezCreated in the early 2000s, krump is noted for a technique that requires strength, power, control and self-expression that is both raw and pure. Often categorized as a dance form that appeals to so-called typically masculine characteristics, krump is a style still dominated by men. This workshop is an introduction to the history of the form and the place that women have within it.

+ Dance
+ In French and/or English
+ Workshop available for one or more periods

With Valérie Chartier, alias Taminator (artist)

Valérie Chartier, aka “Taminator,” aka “Lady Maddripp,” has over 39 years of dance experience ranging from ballet, jazz, and contemporary to hip-hop, waacking, and krumping. A pioneer in women’s krumping in Canada and an internationally recognized leader in her community, Valérie is as committed to teaching and mentoring—she initiated the education and art program LeadHers, dedicated to developing the full physical and mental potential of young women through krumping—as she is to creating, performing, organizing events, and taking part in international battles as either a guest or judge. Taminator appeared in season 3 of Révolution and serves as Krump Ambassador for the Regroupement québécois de la danse.

Truth or Consequences

This workshop enables students to learn about performative theatre, an interdisciplinary approach to drama that combines theatre with performance art. The students will explore various exercises aligned with the practice of Système Kangourou: grounding the actor’s performance in the action, relating directly to the audience, randomness, shaping autobiographical testimonies, and creating images for the stage.

+ Theatre
+ In French
+ For college and university students
+ Workshop available for one or more sessions  
+ May be connected to your French, theatre, production, writing, or philosophy class.

With Anne-Marie Guilmaine (artist)

Influenced by performance, visual installations, and relational art, Anne-Marie Guilmaine has been developing her playwriting practice for more than ten years. With the interdisciplinary company Système Kangourou, which she co-founded in 2006 with Claudine Robillard, she creates shows grounded in the interaction between performers and spectators. Whether in Non Finito (FTA, 2018), Le pouvoir expliqué à ceux qui l’exercent (sur moi) (2019), or Bermudes (dérive) (2021), she is interested in putting non-actors on stage to share their own stories within compositions woven from performative actions and polyvocal images. Holder of a master’s degree in theatre and another in literature, Anne-Marie focuses on creative processes tethered to reality.



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Mediation and Audience Outreach Coordinator
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