Shows at place des arts 

Tickets for the following shows are sold via the Place des Arts ticket office:

  • Romance ain’t dead, 2Fik!
  • The three Port-Royal readings (Je suis une maudite sauvagesse, La fille de Christophe Colomb and Le virus et la proie
  • Stations
  • Un temps pour tout
  • Violence

shows at place des arts


Other in-theatre and outdoor shows

Tickets for all other in-theatre and outdoor shows, including free outdoor shows, must be booked via the FTA box office.

other in-theatre and outdoor shows


webcast shows

The webcast package as well as single tickets for webcast shows are sold via the Lepointdevente platform. 

Webcast shows

By phone

514 844 3822 / 1 866 984 3822

From May 11 to May 25 mai
Tuesday to Saturday 12 noon to 5 p.m.

From May 26 to June 12
Every day from May 26 to June 12 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

All shows except Alep. A Portrait of Absence, Worktable, PHOSPHOS, Romance ain’t dead, 2Fik!, O2 and BOW’T-Tio’tia:ke have reserved seating.

Due to public health distancing rules, we have had to reduce the number of seats in our venues by 75%. As the number of tickets on sale is very limited, a maximum of 12 tickets per transaction applies this year.

For most of the shows, a few double seats are available for family bubbles.

Particular cases

    1 ticket allows a maximum of 4 people from the same bubble.
  • Worktable
    Free admission for children 6 to 14 years old. They must be accompanied by an adult, within the limit of 2 children per adult.
  • Romance ain’t dead, 2Fik!
    Keep your ticket, after your first visit, it gives you access to following performances without reservation. Subject to availability.


For $50, the webcast package gives you access to 5 online FTA performance. It includes webcasts of the following readings and shows:

buy a package


shows included in the package

Free activities


The shows O2 and BOW’T-Tio’tia:ke are free of charge and will be presented outdoors.

FTA Playground activities at the Quartier général are free of charge but reservations are mandatory. You can reserve seats as of May 11.

FTA Playground activities are also available online free of charge. Click here for details.


About sold-out shows

In order to limit crowding, we will not hold a waiting list on site. However, tickets may be released at any time. We encourage you to check regularly for ticket availability and to travel to the venue only if you are able to obtain a ticket.


Shows in our Venues



Discount Rate (students, seniors, arts professionals)

_jeanne_dark_ Free  
Aalaapi | ᐋᓛᐱ $35 $30
Alep. Portrait d’une absence $25 $20
Anima / Darkroom $35 $30
Anything Whatsoever $35 $30
BOW’T-Tio’tia:ke Free  
Dans le nuage $35 $30
Declarations $20  
Dog Rising $35 $30
Je suis une maudite sauvagesse $20  
La fille de Christophe Colomb $20  
La Goddam Voie Lactée $35 $30
La jamais sombre $35 $30
Romance ain’t dead, 2Fik! $30 $25
Le virus et la proie $20  
Meshtitau $35 $30
O2 Free  
PHOSPHOS $25 $20
Public/Private Parts ou L’Origine du monde $35 $30
Stations $55 $45
The door opened west $35 $30
Them Voices $35 $30
Un temps pour tout $35 $30 / $20 Children (12 -)
Violence $55 $45
Worktable $25 $20


Je suis une maudite sauvagesse $15
La fille de Christophe Colomb $15
Le virus et la proie $15
The door opened west $20
Un temps pour tout $20
Webcast package $50