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Contingency [Cancelled]

Hiroaki Umeda

Dance, light and sound embrace and reverberate in a living, three-dimensional portrait. A solo of heightened intensity where dance merges with its environment.

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Hiroaki Umeda (Tokyo) S20

Renowned as a major figure on the Japanese avant-garde scene, Hiroaki Umeda studied photography in Tokyo before embarking on a career as a dancer 20 years ago.

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Media Coverage

“Umeda’s rejection of boundaries, in both the creative process and the artistic product, makes a powerful statement about human relationships as much as about our engagement with technology.”

The Irish Times, 16-10-2019, about Median and Accumulated Layout

“Technically complex, physically disciplined, visually mesmerising.” (Ireland), 15-10-2019, about Median and Accumulated Layout

“Umeda masterfully builds a dramatic tension that pulls the audience into his all encompassing sonic, visual and kinetic web. […] It is visual programming unlike anything I’ve ever seen before on stage – entrancing, inspiring, even exhausting.” (United States), 04-03-2013, about Haptic and Holistic Strata