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La jamais sombre

Michel F Côté + Marc Parent +
Catherine Tardif

With Marc Parent as the architect of light, Michel F Côté as the designer of sound, and Catherine Tardif as the guardian of movement and the female body, La jamais sombre explores, between grace and fear, the ancient mysteries of chiaroscuro.

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Michel F Côté (Montreal) Et Marianne et Simon

There is a unique joy emanating from the creation of La jamais sombre, born out of the radiant friendship between three artists: Catherine Tardif, Michel F Côté, and Marc Parent. La jamais sombre is a scenic composition combining all three of their highly regarded artistic practices.

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Marc Parent (Montreal)

Currently resident lighting designer for Les Grands Ballets, Marc Parent is constantly renewing his art at the local as well as the global level, each time with an acute awareness of the transformative and suggestive powers of luminous matter. 

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Catherine Tardif (Montreal) Et Marianne et Simon

Last but not least, Catherine Tardif’s compelling authenticity as an interpreter is matched only by the visionary nature of her choreographic work, which walks the fine line between the comical and the sublime.

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