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P.O.R.N. (Portrait of Restless Narcissism) [Cancelled]

Christian Lapointe + Nadia Ross

Two maverick freethinkers present Theatre 2.0 for a mature audience, where the intoxicating dark corners of the Net become fascinating, unsettling eye candy.

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Christian Lapointe (Quebec City) Carte blanche

The artistic director of Carte blanche Christian Lapointe has been making artistic and pedagogical mischief for the past two decades in works that combine research and action, reflection and creation.

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Nadia Ross (Wakefield) STO Union

The founder and artistic director of STO Union, Nadia Ross has continuously explored the thresholds of the theatre event.

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Media Coverage

“The question asked is relevant: in a culture of the image and the appearance, in the era of the multiple hook up and the search for the immediate pleasure, can the theater and art resist the temptation of the pornographic?”

Spirale, 26-03-2018

“A powerful interrogation on the side effects of the ‘pornographisation’ of the world.”

JEU Revue de théâtre, 26-02-2018