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#PUNK 100% POP *N!GGA [Cancelled]

nora chipaumire

A liberated rock star of dance originally from Zimbabwe, nora chipaumire proclaims via punk, pop and rumba the urgent need for liberation with an epic and invigorating triptych.

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nora chipaumire (Mutare + New York)

Born and raised in Mutare, Zimbabwe and now living in New York, the choreographer and star of the contemporary New York scene Nora chipaumire, has been questioning assumptions and overturning stereotypes of Africa, black bodies, identity and aesthetics since 1998.

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“Chipaumire choreographs in the realm of Afro-immediacy. She demands that the audience witness, acknowledge, and value black and African people now—there’s no room to prevaricate.”

BOMB Magazine (United States), 16-02-2019

“Defiantly charismatic, the Zimbabwean-born choreographer Nora Chipaumire has long been a kind of rock star of dance.”

The New Yorker, 08-10-2018

“Chipaumire claims her rights: to resist, to find joy in rage, and to misbehave. She holds space as an American, Zimbabwean, human, artist here to have fun. […] Watch her go! Safely outside your box, she thrashes in sweat-dripping ecstasy.” (United States), 26-09-2017