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Louise Lecavalier

Driven by a pressing need to dance, Louise Lecavalier attains the fullness of her art in a spirited solo that pulsates on the very margins of the intimate.

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Louise Lecavalier (Montreal) Fou glorieux

The muse for La La Human Steps for some 20 years, Louise Lecavalier marked the imagination of an era with her radiant presence and her extraordinary physical daring.

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“She unleashes 60 minutes of intense energy. Every muscle, every nerve is engaged and brimful with presence and concentration.”

Westdeutsche Zeitung

“For just under an hour, the 61-year-old Canadian sweeps around the stage like a dervish. Short pauses let her catch her breath after long sequences of utmost physical control. Tonight, she is offering up dance in its purest form. […] Bowie once remarked: ‘Louise Lecavalier is absolutely phenomenal.’ And the same is still true today.”

RP On Line

“Movement is inevitable. It’s the essence of her being.”


“The light fades away and the dancer receives several standing ovations. The applause is well deserved. The truth is, she hasn’t even danced. She was dance.”

Münstersche Zeitung