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Estado vegetal [Annulé]

Manuela Infante

Si un arbre imaginait une pièce de théâtre avec des personnages humains, qu’est-ce que ça donnerait ? Voilà le pari ludique et déstabilisant de la créatrice chilienne Manuela Infante.

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Manuela Infante (Santiago)

Née en 1980 à Santiago du Chili, la dramaturge, metteure en scène et musicienne Manuela Infante a étudié à l’École de théâtre de l’Université du Chili, puis à l’Université d’Amsterdam pour une maîtrise en analyse culturelle.

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Échos des médias

“Salinas is magnetic, a vocal and physical chameleon […] Estado vegetal is equal parts whimsical and upsetting, but ultimately a valuable meditation on our species’ relationship to others.” (États-Unis), 07-05-2019

“The singular brilliance of Estado vegetal lies in the ways it renders the state of planthood tangible. […] The comedic gestures of Salinas remain imprinted on levels beneath the rational, prompting even the most die-hard urbanite to reconsider their innate relationship to plants.” (Italie), 2019

“The polyphonic monologue of the incredible Marcela Salinas feeds and feeds off itself in a superimposed, many-layered loop.” (Argentine), 26-01-2018

“[Salinas] brought to the stage such intensity, such presence, such range. […] So detailed, so precise, so free in her body. […] I was riveted.” (Singapour), 08-09-2017

“Infante’s meditation on plant intelligence succeeds in unsettling; one is not likely to look at anything that photosynthesises in the same light after this.”

The Strait Times (Singapour), 04-09-2017

Vegetative State is a profoundly fascinating piece, stunning in its innovative sound design and hypnotic in its presentation of plant perception.” (Singapour), 02-09-2017