Holoscenes, a sustainable show

We’ve done everything we can to reduce the environmental impact of presenting Holoscenes at FTA. We thought carefully about each decision to make this show as sustainable as possible.The production team benefited from the eco-design support provided by Écoscéno.

Responsible Procurement

Whenever possible, we favoured trusted local suppliers who offer sustainable products.

To generate less waste and loss, we favoured renting existing equipment (renting or borrowing equipment, buying local or in second-hand stores, etc.) and are planning to reuse materials (such as display elements).

Water Management 

With the help of Écoscéno, we closely evaluated the purchasing process and reuse of water. The water, which was chlorinated as little as possible for the sake of the performers’ health, was ultimately emptied in part into stormwater sewers and in part into the retention pond located in the Esplanade Tranquille.

Considering the Next Life Cycle 

After appearing at FTA, the show made its way to Quebec City, which allowed for extensive sharing of resources (fabric, chlorine, etc.) with the Carrefour international in Quebec City. Equipment was made available for rent again. The team favoured the buying of sustainable equipment and accessories so that a portion could be kept in our inventory for future editions.

Carbon Offsetting

We tracked the GHG emissions generated by the show, then offset them by making a donation to Eau Secours, an organization that promotes water conservation and responsible management with the aim of supporting environmental health, equality, accessibility, and community rights. Yenny Vega Cárdenas and Valérie Ivy Hamelas, experts on water issues and participants in The St. Lawrence: Protecting Its Lives (a panel discussion organized as part of Water Day at FTA 2022), are members of Eau Secours’ board.  


Mediators were available to answer audience questions on performance nights.

Key Numbers

99.6% of the set materials had been previously used and 73.9% were made available for use again after the show*

20.17 tons of CO2 generated**

$1,500 donated to the non-profit organization Eau Secours in the form of carbon offsetting***


*According to The Theatre Green Book, an initiative that establishes standards to make productions more sustainable, a show is considered sustainable if the production team ensures that 50% of the materials are obtained through reuse or recycling and 65% of the materials are given a second life.

**These are greenhouse gases emitted while preparing and presenting the show in Montreal and Quebec City. The calculation takes into account travel by the creative team and technical crew, as well as the sets and props. It does not include audience travel.

***This amount corresponds to carbon offsetting for the 20.17 tons of CO2 calculated by Écoscéno plus an additional symbolic amount to cover travel by spectators.


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