Holoscenes, a sustainable show

We’ve done everything we can to reduce the environmental impact of presenting Holoscenes at FTA. We thought carefully about each decision to make this show as sustainable as possible.

The production team benefited from the eco-design support provided by Écoscéno. With their help, we notably estimated the carbon emissions generated by the project and made sustainable purchasing choices. Whenever possible, we favoured trusted local suppliers who offer sustainable products.

To generate less waste and loss, we favoured renting existing equipment (such as the scaffolding and bleacher seating), planning to reuse materials (such as display elements), and sharing resources (fabric, chlorine, etc.) with the Carrefour international de théâtre in Quebec City, which will also present the show.

With the help of Écoscéno, we closely evaluated the purchasing process and reuse of water. In order to value this resource as much as possible and provide it with a second life, the water from Holoscenes will be used for cleaning nearby streets and watering plants in FTA’s Quartier général.

We will keep track of the GHG emissions generated by presenting the show, then offset them by making a donation to Eau Secours, an organization that promotes water conservation and responsible management with the aim of supporting environmental health, equality, accessibility, and community rights. Yenny Vega Cárdenas and Valérie Ivy Hamelas, experts on water issues and participants in The St. Lawrence: Protecting Its Lives (a panel discussion organized as part of Water Day at FTA 2022), are members of Eau Secours’ board.  

Mediators will be available to answer audience questions on the evenings when Holoscenes is performed.


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