The FTA is getting greener!

Since 2015, FTA has undertaken sustainability initiatives and sought to fulfill its mission in compliance with rigorous environmental ethics based on the principles of reduction at source, recycling, carbon emission offsetting, and increased stakeholder awareness.

Following the 2022 edition, we are proud to announce that 203.37 tonnes of CO2-eq were offset through a donation of $5,500 to the Planetair Global initiative. We decided to invest in the Planetair Québec-Nature and Planetair Québec-ÉTS portfolios, which fund wind, solar, and energy recovery projects in various countries, as well as Quebec initiatives with climate benefits and a range of university research projects on the fight against climate change.

The investment we have made will offset:
+ All travel by the Festival’s artists and professional guests
+ All travel by the Festival’s team during the event
+ A portion of travel by attendees during the Festival
+ All annual trips taken by the programming team

In addition:
+ $1,500 was donated to the organization Eau secours to offset carbon emissions related to staging of the Holoscenes show
+ 87% of surveyed festival attendees used active or public transportation
+ 91% of employees and volunteers used active or public transportation
+ 4 international companies continued with a North American tour after the Festival, enabling the sharing of resources and maximizing the length of artists’ stay in the region

FTA therefore met the criteria for Level 3 in the Bureau de normalisation du Québec’s standard for responsible event management for a third year.

If you would also like to play your part by offsetting the environmental footprint of travel undertaken to attend FTA in 2022, you may do so here by using the code FTA2022.

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