Together for an eco-responsible Festival!

Since 2015, FTA has undertaken sustainability initiatives and sought to fulfill its mission in compliance with rigorous environmental ethics based on the principles of reduction at source, recycling, carbon emission offsetting, and increased stakeholder awareness. Following its 17th edition, FTA has offset all carbon emissions generated by the travels of its team, artists and professional guests, as well as a symbolic portion of the public’s transportation, through a $7,000 donation to Planetair Global. This corresponds to 259.23 tons of GHG emissions.

This donation was invested in the Planetair Québec-Nature, Planetair ÉTS and Planetair Sahel portfolios, which fund wind, solar and energy recovery projects, initiatives protecting Quebec’s flora and fauna, university research on the fight against climate change, and habitats-building projects for vulnerable families in the Sahel.

Festival-goers contributed directly to this effort through our new eco-responsible fees of $0.50 per ticket purchased, which allowed us to raise and donate $4,500 to FTA’s Environmental Responsibility Fund.

In addition:

+ 89% of surveyed festival attendees and 95% of employees and volunteers used active or public transportation
+ 57.61 kg of scenic materials recycled through the Go Zero Program
+ 3 international companies continued with a North American tour after the Festival, enabling the sharing of resources and maximizing the length of artists’ stay in the region
+ 83% of QG suppliers located within a 100km radius
+ 5 venues accredited “Scène écoresponsable” by the Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsable
+ 100% of the food served at QG is vegetarian, with several vegan options
+ 1 thematic day devoted to Decolonial Ecology with guest of honor Katsi’tsakwas Ellen Gabriel
+ 8 eco-responsible partners: CQEER + Planetair + Écoscéno + Go Zéro + Solisco + Alerna Éco-Solutions + Communauto + Téo Taxi
+ FTA also won the Event of the Year Award at MPI Montréal/Québec’s Gala Hommage 2023 for its adaptability as well as ethical and eco-responsible management practices

FTA therefore met the criteria for Level 3 in the Bureau de normalisation du Québec’s standard for responsible event management for a fourth year.

For more details, see our Carbon Summary and our Waste Management reports (in French only).

If you would also like to do your part by offsetting the environmental footprint of travel undertaken to attend FTA in 2023, you may do so here by using the code FTA2023.