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Opening Night

Come celebrate the opening of our long-awaited 16th edition—an occasion for reconnecting and sharing wonderful experiences with each other again.

Rhythm & Hues (DJ)
FTA Playground


Re:Incarnation is an ode to the richness of Nigerian culture—it brings to life the cycle of birth, death and rebirth, and celebrates Africa’s powers of reinvention in a show that draws on Afrobeats, Afro dances and black aesthetics.

Qudus Onikeku (Lagos)

Queer Bodies – A Living Force

Costumed or naked living models stand motionless or strike a series of poses in a welcoming atmosphere.

Manuel Shannon Shink (Queer Bodies Montreal)
Élyanne Coursol-Dion (Queer Bodies Montreal)
FTA Playground


People sitting in a giant aquarium in the heart of the city. They are subjected to cyclical flooding. An extraordinary visual and visceral experience, Holoscenes questions our ability to respond to chaos.

Lars Jan (Los Angeles)

Altamira 2042

Presiding over a captivating techno-shamanist ceremony and eco-feminist fable, Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha celebrates the life of Brazil’s Xingu River with a concert of deeply resonant voices, sounds, and images.

Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha (São Paulo)

La plus secrète mémoire des hommes

Two towering voices of Burkinabe theatre bring to life La plus secrète mémoire des hommes, a literary high-wire act by Senegalese novelist Mohamed Mbougar Sarr.

Mohamed Mbougar Sarr (Paris + Dakar)
Aristide Tarnagda (Ouagadougou)
Odile Sankara (Ouagadougou)

Tales of the Dramaturges

Six dramaturges will meet with Montreal artists and their work processes through one-on-one dialogue.

Sara Vanderieck (Belgium)
Riccardo Fazi (Italy)
Noel Bonilla Chongo (Cuba)
FTA Playground

A Conversation with Lars Jan

In the company of Découverte journalist Binh An Vu Van, Jan will share his environmental concerns and discuss the new knowledge that has enhanced his work Holoscenes.

Lars Jan (Los Angeles)
Binh An Vu Van (Montreal)
FTA Playground

The St. Lawrence: Protecting its Lives

This event brings together artists, activists, and academics to discuss protecting the St. Lawrence River and its ecosystems.

Nathalie Gravel (Québec)
Yenny Vega Cárdenas (Montreal)
Geneviève Dupéré (Montreal)
FTA Playground

River stories from a Kanien’kehá:ka perspective

Sharing an open, grateful and expansive spirit with humans and non-humans alike, multidisciplinary artist Lindsay Katsitsakatste Delaronde mediates a conversation with members of her Kanien’kehá:ka community on the impacts of the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Lindsay Katsitsakatste Delaronde (Victoria)
Courtney Montour (Kahnawà:ke)
Roxann Karonhiarokwas Whitebean (Kahnawà:ke)
FTA Playground

Thinking about Eco-Friendly Costumes

Drawing on their informative experiences, artists from various backgrounds propose actions to change our modes of consumption and create differently.

Anne-Catherine Lebeau (Ecosceno)
Ivanie Aubin-Malo (Montreal)
Marilène Bastien (Montreal)
FTA Playground

Le virus et la proie

In this piece addressed directly to a politician, writer and intellectual Pierre Lefebvre highlights all the social diseases that undermine the equality of opportunities in our neoliberal world.

Pierre Lefebvre (Montreal)
Benoît Vermeulen (Montreal)

Workshop: AbstractCommercial

“AbstractCommercial” is a dance workshop sitting at the intersection of commercial dance’s textural and production values and more abstract choreographic idiosyncrasies, nodding towards a new Avant-Garde movement system.
Malik Nashad Sharpe (London)
FTA Playground

Thinking Together: The FTA Clinics Community

The FTA Clinics are back for a seventh edition! A special opening in the Festival, this “unproductive” space/time is devoted to activities that support the local artistic community.

Yohayna Hernandez (Montreal)
Emmanuelle Jetté (Montreal)

FTA Playground

Les jolies choses

With her ripened artistic language, Catherine Gaudet surrounds herself with her loyal collaborators to explore the false pretenses of the show business apparatus.

Catherine Gaudet (Montreal)

High Bed Lower Castle

Motivated by the mad dream of making concrete all that is not, Ellen Furey and Malik Nashad Sharpe get very playful—with a touch of mischief.

Ellen Furey (Montreal)
Malik Nashad Sharpe (London)

L’homme rare

Filled with infectious joy, the male quintet of L’homme rare, as orchestrated by the fiercely humane Nadia Beugré, takes delight in challenging a certain vision of the world.

Nadia Beaugré (Abidjan + Montpellier)

Malaise dans la civilisation

Alix Dufresne and Étienne Lepage shake up social and theatrical conventions, and allow us to observe complex, fascinating beings who transform the empty space of the stage into a universe filled with possibilities.

Alix Drufresne (Montreal)
Étienne Lepage (Montreal)

Felwine Sarr: Expanding the Geography of Knowledge

One of the great thinkers of our time, Senegal’s Felwine Sarr moves among various fields: economics, philosophy, literature, and music. 

Felwine Sarr (Niodior)
Stéphane Martelly (Montreal)
FTA Playground

FTA + OFFTA Purple Rain Night

Come twirl to Prince’s greatest hits and celebrate this beautiful flood of artistic projects!

Lexis (DJ)
Empress Cissy Low (DJ)
FTA Playground

Save the last dance for me

A partner dance for two men, Save the last dance for me revives the traditional polka chinata in a touching, compelling performance. 

Alessandro Sciarroni (San Benedetto del Tronto)

Danse à la carte – TransFormation Workshop

This year’s edition features six choreographers and offers a plunge into their approach to dance creation.

Nadia Beugré (L'homme rare)
Mélanie Demers (Confession publique)
Catherine Gaudet (Les jolies choses)
FTA Playground

A Dance in Danger of Extinction!

Help save the polka chinata! Dancers Gianmaria Borzillo and Giovanfrancesco Giannini will introduce you to this traditional dance from the Bologna region.

Gianmaria Borzillo (Italy)
Giovanfrancesco Giannini (Italy)
FTA Playground


Propelled by a wind turbine, strange creatures led by the fabulous Euripides Laskaridis take the spectator into a burlesque tale where chaos reigns supreme.

Euripides Laskaridis (Athens)


Playful and thunderous, Lavagem addresses racial issues through the ritual of washing. A poetic and political performance with wild contagious energy.

Alice Ripoll (Rio de Janeiro)

Documentary Theatre Workshop

In her documentary theatre, Adeline Rosenstein focuses on representations of anti-colonial struggles.

Adeline Rosenstein (Brussels)
FTA Playground

First Peoples and their Living Voices

Linguists predict that between 50 and 90% of the world’s roughly 7,000 languages will have disappeared until the end of the century, and Indigenous languages are the most endangered. A talk by Barbara Filion (UNESCO).

Barbara Filion (Ottawa)
Zoe Compton (Montreal )
FTA Playground

Creating in Anishinaabemowin, Innu-aimun, and Inuktitut

Three artists from theatre, music, and the visual arts share their thoughts on the languages they use in creating their works.

Natasha Kanapé Fontaine (Montréal)

FTA Playground

Emily Johnson: Umyuangvigkaq

Intent on working toward new, equitable structures, choreographer Emily Johnson seeks a path of self-determination for Indigenous artists.

Emily Johnson (New York)
Karyn Recollet (Toronto)
FTA Playground

In My Basement

“In my basement I listen to France Gall, Robert Charlebois, the Rolling Stones… and Madonna, too. Come dance with me. You’ll be my mirror ball.”

Martin Faucher (DJ)
Benoît Landry (DJ)
FTA Playground

Make Banana Cry

A tidal wave of body politics prepared to make the Western gaze quiver sweeps over a subversive runway led by Andrew Tay and Stephen Thompson.

Andrew Tay (Toronto)
Stephen Thompson (Nice)

La conquête du béluga

At dawn or at sunset, political discourse is transformed into a historical, poetic epic about belugas, a poignant reflection on our connection to living things.

Maryse Goudreau (Escuminac)
Théâtre À tour de rôle (Carleton-sur-Mer)

The History of Korean Western Theatre

Following the irresistible Cuckoo, Jaha Koo probes in this piece the shadows of childhood and the blind spots of history to create from the ruins of the past a form of theatre that responds to the present.

Jaha Koo (Seoul + Ghent)

Traces – Discours aux Nations Africaines

A man, with the dignity and power engendered by revelations, declares how Africa will emancipate itself to become the origin and engine of a more humane future world.

Felwine Sarr (Niodior)
Étienne Minoungou (Brussels + Ouagadougou)

Dans le ventre de la baleine

Maryse Goudreau’s sonic and tactile work, Dans le ventre de la baleine, grants entry to a unique world, one spectator at a time.

Maryse Goudreau (Escuminac)
FTA Playground

Philanthropic Picnic

In a relaxed atmosphere, focaccia in hand, come and discuss the question of engaging with communities, which is more essential than ever in the cultural sector

Marie-Eve Collin (FTA)
Ludovic Delrieux (FTA)
Amy Blackmore (Théâtre MainLine/Festival St-Ambroise Fringe de Montréal)
FTA Playground

Producing Art in Latin America

Between the walls of these residence sites, festivals, and cultural centres, artists are rethinking their practices in response to the realities of their communities and professionals are developing different ways to engage them in dialogue.

Nayse Lopez (Panorama, Rio de Janeiro)
Maria José Cifuentes (Nave, Santiago de Chile)
Diana Collazos (elgalpon.espacio, Lima)
FTA Playground

Them Voices

With Them Voices, Lara Kramer excavates a world where stories come together to assess the consequences of our actions on future generations.

Lara Kramer (Montreal)


In this first draft, co-authored with Vinnie Karetak, the prodigious Inuk artist Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory address the forced displacements that uprooted their ancestors and colour their collective memory.

Vinnie Karetak (Iqaluit)
Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory (Iqaluit)

Linda Brunelle. A Portrait

This extraordinary creator will talk about her career with archival materials, excerpts from shows, and testimonials from her collaborators.  

Linda Brunelle (Montreal)
Cédric Delorme-Bouchard (Montreal)
FTA Playground

Danses à venir: Performative Launch

Written by Catherine Lavoie-Marcus and Michel F. Côté and designed by graphic artist Frédérique Gagnon, Danses à venir is a collection of 161 proposed dances that speculates about the art of choreography and invents its future with no concern for feasibility. 

Michel F Côté (Montréal)
Catherine Lavoie-Marcus (Montréal)
FTA Playground

Face to Face

A poem about communication and the countless pathways taken by our bodies to express ourselves, Face to Face draws inspiration from body language to create a gentle yet profoundly intense duet.

Naishi Wang (Toronto)

Waking the Body

To start off the day, the Festival opens with an activity to waken the body and mind: yoga, dance, or meditation.

Members of our extended team (FTA)
FTA Playground

M’appelle Mohamed Ali

This political work by Dieudonné Niangouna links Africa to America through the fists of Muhamad Ali. Théâtre de La Sentinelle offers an oratorio for dignity to nine Afrodescendant performers.

Dieudonné Niangouna (Paris+Brazzaville)
Tatiana Zinga Botao (Montreal)
Philippe Racine (Montreal)

Laboratoire poison

A lively, inclusive analysis of our collective memory of resistance movements and the means appropriated by History to separate the treasonous from the righteous.

Adeline Rosenstein (Brussels)

Confession publique

Angélique Willkie, on whom Mélanie Demers shines a light, offers up her mysteries, beautiful and ugly, with tremendous strength and just as much vulnerability.

Mélanie Demers (Montreal)

Adventures can be found anywhere, même dans la répétition

A group of artists apply themselves to the task of rewriting the journals and notebooks of the U.S author and activist Susan Sontag in this free performance-installation. A vibrant and mischievous declaration of love to literature.

PME-ART (Montreal)

Audience, Get Warmed Up!

Apparently, moving your body before the show will make you more receptive to seeing it, so an hour before the performance, artists will lead a physical warm-up. 

Nadia Beugré (L'homme rare)
Étienne Minoungou (Traces - Discours aux Nations Africaines)
Adeline Rosenstein (Laboratoire poison)
FTA Playground

FTA Nights

A great team of DJs with diverse musical backgrounds make the Festival Bar come alive. Get ready—things will heat up!

Various DJs

FTA Playground

Closing Night

Two party spaces, two distinct atmospheres. The electrifying Andrew Tay followed by Rhythm & Hues in the main hall and guilty pleasures by Fruit défendu in the smaller space.

Rhythm & Hues (DJ)
Andrew Tay (DJ)
Fruit défendu (DJ)
FTA Playground
Mai 2022
Juin 2022