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Rébecca Chaillon – Performing the Personal

Known for her shocking imagery and powerful theatrical language, director, actor, and performer Rébecca Chaillon will approach this writing and performance workshop through physical materials, the body, visual arts, and food.

Rébecca Chaillon

FTA Playground

Opening Night

Come and celebrate the opening of this long-awaited 18th edition!

DJ Rhythm & Hues (Montreal)
FTA Playground

Angelo Barsetti. Portrait

This event will present a vibrant portrait of make-up artist and photographer Angelo Barsetti through archival materials, clips from shows, and personal testimonials, followed by a celebration of APASQ’s 40th anniversary.

Angelo Barsetti + Cédric Delorme-Bouchard

FTA Playground

It’s Cosmic, Baby!

It’s Cosmic, Baby! will make us pulse and travel between styles, eras and origins, in an electro-pop flirt which Alexia dedicates to our beating hearts.

DJ Alexia Vinci + DJ Rhythm & Hues

FTA Playground

Decolonial Love Circle

Founded by Amel Zaazaa, the Decolonial Love Circle offers a space for decolonial reflection and practices to descendants of colonized peoples, activists, thinkers, and agitators from all walks of life engaged with contemporary political issues.

Karla Étienne + Amel Zaazaa

FTA Playground

Let’s Talk about Art

Ali Chahrour will talk with Syrian actress and singer Hala Omran to explore a question they ask themselves again and again: why do we create art?

Ali Chahrour + Hala Omran

FTA Playground

كما روتها أمي - Told By My Mother

Drawing on song, music, and dance, Lebanon’s Ali Chahrour extolls the power of maternal love in this poignant account of stories lived through by his family.

Ali Chahrour



Seventy-five people of all ages and backgrounds take over the public space each evening to perform a live choreographic score that reflects the world, combining chaos with the euphoria of togetherness. 

Tamara Cubas


Decolonial Ecology Day — The Forest

This day is devoted to forests—places that are essential to the flourishing of beings, cultures, and the vital forces of imagination and resistance.

FTA Playground

The Forest as a Space of Resistance

Philippe Néméh-Nombré and Paule Mackrous (aka Pattie O’Green) discuss living archives of resistance and their immense potential.

Philippe Néméh-Nombré + Paule Mackrous + Valérie Lefebvre-Faucher + Kama La Mackerel

FTA Playground

Forest Chants

Émilie Monnet and Waira Nina address the threats to the forests, from the Amazon to the boreal one, and invite us to listen to their inhabitants.

Émilie Monnet + Waira Nina

FTA Playground

Opening Remarks by Abraham Francis

Francis opens this day under the banner of hope, sharing the power of Indigenous futures and resistance embedded within forest relations.

Abraham Francis (Akwesasne)
FTA Playground

Laylit aux platines

Come celebrate artists from the Arab world and its diaspora with the Laylit collective!

Mossy Mugler + Wake Island + C Lia

FTA Playground

Carte noire nommée désir

A leading figure among European theatre’s new voices, Rébecca Chaillon celebrates Black women in a visceral ceremony of reappropriation embracing both pop culture and spirituality.

Rébecca Chaillon


Fantastic Afro-feminisms

Rébecca Chaillon and Amandine Gay discuss what kind of tools, actions, and care are needed to find other ways of being, living, and creating. 

Rébecca Chaillon + Amandine Gay + Marilou Craft

FTA Playground

Tapping into Imagination

Portuguese author and director Tiago Rodrigues will be joined by four theatre students for a surprising conversation. We’ve asked them to share their dreams: about art, literature, politics, and the theatres of the future.

Tiago Rodrigues + Eleonore Brieuc + Margarita Herrera Dominguez + Evelyne Londei-Shortall + Zoé Ntumba

FTA Playground

Catarina and the Beauty of Killing Fascists

Is killing a fascist a crime or a legitimate act of resistance? Worldviews collide in renowned Portuguese director Tiago Rodrigues’ bracing political theatre.

Tiago Rodrigues


Digital Puppets and Video Games

The Université populaire des arts de la marionnette invites artists Patrick Blenkarn and Milton Lim, creators of asses.masses, and digital puppeteer Paola Huitrón to take part in a discussion on artistic innovation.

Patrick Blenkarn + Milton Lim + Paola Huitrón + Antonia Leney-Granger

FTA Playground

Au cœur de la rose (Généalogie d’une tristesse)

Jérémie Niel tackles Pierre Perrault’s timeless play from 1958. Told in a distinctive vernacular, the story’s mythic undertones unfold on a stage filled by powerful video images and soundscapes.

Jérémie Niel


Be Prophetic

Activate every cell in your body with Nadia Beugré and her collaborator Acauã El Bandide Shereya!

Nadia Beugré + Acauã El Bandide Shereya

FTA Playground

24 Images: Choreographic Explorations in the Movies

In its next edition, 24 images—chronicler of cinema’s evolution and diversity—will celebrate the many representations of dance on the big screen. The Festival will host the launch of this special issue.

Louise Lecavalier + Charlotte Dronier + Louis-Martin Charest + Bruno Dequen

FTA Playground

Audience Warm-Up

In the theatre, just before the performance, artists featured in our programme will offer a customized warm-up to sharpen your senses and get you physically ready for the show.

Ali Chahrour + Romeu Costa + Carolina Passos Sousa + Amrita Hepi + Mish Grigor

FTA Playground


In the heart of a forest of sound, artists Émilie Monnet and Waira Nina deliver a poetic manifesto forged by friendship that advocates protecting water, land, stars, and ancestral knowledge.

Émilie Monnet + Waira Nina


Prophétique (on est déjà né.es)

In a hair salon in Abidjan, six majestic divas reveal their explosive truths as trans people in Ivory Coast. A dynamite show that’s pure Nadia Beugré!

Nadia Beugré



With playful wit and style, Amrita Hepi explores dance as a source of memory and resistance, interweaving movements and words, stories, rhythms and dance techniques.

Amrita Hepi



In UNARMOURED, Montreal choreographer Clara Furey and her collaborators reclaim eroticism on their own terms, turning the body into a site of cosmic allegiance, sensual and liberated.

Clara Furey


FTA X OFFTA Party – Vire ron, kase ren!

Free dance workshop, open to all and starting at 9 p.m. to get the party started!

DJ BlackGold + Nubian Néné + Kevin Kero + DJ Lunafhy + Anaïs Gilles + Sherecia McLean

FTA Playground

Fridays at FTA

Come dance and party every Friday at FTA!

DJ Empress Cissy Low + DJ Sovann + DJ Hermano + DJ Rhythm & Hues

FTA Playground

Decolonization Rider

Surrounded by local allies, Yup’ik artist Emily Johnson shares her “Decolonization Rider”—a visionary tool for artists, cultural workers and institutions alike, and a genuine commitment to a more equitable, justice-oriented world.

Emily Johnson + Mylène Guay + Léuli Eshrāghi

FTA Playground

FTA Clinics: The Book

Featuring readings of excerpts from the Curieux manuel, this festive event is an invitation to celebrate the vibrant world of artistic practices and methods.

FTA Playground

Party Lots of Love

Six artists take over the surroundings of the HQ for an evening of festive performances while DJ Andrew Tay gets you jumping and dancing until the HQ trembles. On the menu: considerable artistic risk and Lots of Love!

DJ Andrew Tay + Catherine Dagenais-Savard + Peng Hsu + Nasim Lootij + Mycelium + Jossua Satinée + Jimmy Trieu Phong Chung

FTA Playground


Canadian artists Patrick Blenkarn and Milton Lim invite us to an exhilarating day of gaming. In this interactive experience, audience members play out the epic journey of a herd of revolutionary donkeys.

Patrick Blenkarn + Milton Lim


Sur tes traces

Gurshad Shaheman and Dany Boudreault each hand over the keys to his existence to the other for a fascinating game of intimate story-telling where East meets West.

Dany Boudreault + Gurshad Shaheman


Surveillée et punie

Safia Nolin and Philippe Cyr, united by their ambition of transcending the hate directed at the singer, bravely put on an extraordinary musical creation. Armed with her guitar, Safia Nolin finally reclaims the space that others seek to deny her.

Philippe Cyr + Safia Nolin


The Cloud

A radical interdisciplinary journey, The Cloud is a politically engaged, joy-seeking performance set against the backdrop of environmental catastrophe. You’ll never look at data or animals the same way again!

Atom Cianfarani + Alexis O’Hara

Performance Theatre

KoutkeKout: Theatre in Haiti

Festival Quatre Chemins director Guy Régis Jr. discusses with documentarian Joseph Hillel, who will punctuate the conversation with images captured during the shooting of his film Koutkekout.

Guy Régis Jr + Joseph Hillel

FTA Playground


An exquisitely tender ode to eroticism and an appeal to reconnect with the sacred aspect of nature, Floreus is a delightfully contemplative and unsettling work that awakens the senses and opens up the heart.

Sébastien Provencher

Performance Dance

Ecoconscience in the Performing Arts

FTA and Écoscéno bring together the performing arts community around one question: how can we create an eco-conscious work of art that combines artistic, technical and production expertise?

Marianne Lavoie + Natasha Drouin-Beauregard + Paul Chambers + Émilie Monnet + Normand Vincent

FTA Playground

Gorgeous Tongue

Channeling dreams, stories, and songs, Gorgeous Tongue, created by Anishinaabe choreographer Lara Kramer and performed by Jeanette Kotowich, embodies and celebrates Indigenous futurity.

Lara Kramer


Survival Technologies

Kamissa Ma Koïta and Elena Stoodley lead the latest creation from PME-ART. Concerned by artificial intelligence, they turn to dance—the ultimate tool of resistance and emancipation with a radically joyful approach.

Kamissa Ma Koïta + Elena Stoodley

Performance Dance


In ODE, a pop-pagan procession orchestrated by the masterful hands of choreographer Catherine Gaudet, eleven radiant performers take aim at false pretenses in a deceptively simple landscape.

Catherine Gaudet


I am from Reykjavik

A simple invitation to meet becomes an opportunity to rethink the world—to gain a new perspective on the city from within a small house for great souls.

Sonia Hughes


Technical Directors in the Spotlight

Without a technical director, don’t even try it!” Now, TDs, the stage is yours! 

Anne-Sara Gendron + Claudie Gagnon + Audrey Belzile + Rébecca Brouillard + Alex Gendron

FTA Playground


All FTA 2024 parties at our QG!

FTA Playground

Being Future Being: Inside/Outwards

Yup’ik artist Emily Johnson creates performance gatherings that center reworlding practices, Indigenous knowledge, and the sovereignty of communities. Being Future Being: Inside/Outwards invites audiences to become part of creating a radically-just and Indigenized future.

Emily Johnson



Somewhere between choreography and installation, Weathering is a multi-sensory performance welded together by ten unique performers. This stunning, radiant work is a unique expression of both the disasters and the transformations haunting our times.

Faye Driscoll


Closing Night

It’s over! Let’s dance!

DJ Shash’U + DJ dapapa + DJ Rhythm & Hues + DJ Fruit défendu

FTA Playground
Mai 2024
Juin 2024