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Opening Night

Come and celebrate the opening of this long-awaited 17th edition—with voices that tell unheard stories, sounds that mobilize and wonderful experiences to share with each other.

Rhythm & Hues

FTA Playground

Vástádus eana – The answer is land

Born in the Arctic tundra, this polyphonic story of resistance, healing, and love pays tribute to all those who fight injustice.

Elle Sofe Sara


Decolonial Love

What exactly is “decolonial love”—a love of the self and the other with revolutionary potential?

Véronik Picard + Carole Karemera + Émilie Monnet + Amel Zaazaa

FTA Playground

Creation Destruction

Reasserting the power of collective action, Dana Gingras creates an explosion of sensations for us to experience: a star comes to life in the heart of downtown Montreal, accompanied by dancers and musicians.

Dana Gingras



Inspired by his Amazigh heritage, choreographer Radouan Mriziga orchestrates a radiant work in which eight performers revive our collective memory of ancient wisdom.

Radouan Mriziga


Katsi'tsakwas Ellen Gabriel: Where Are We Coming From? Where Are We Going?

Katsi’tsakwas Ellen Gabriel will lay the foundations of this day, linking past, present and future.

Ellen Gabriel

FTA Playground

On the territory

Creating a link between Sápmi and Nunavut, Sámi choreographer Elle Sofe Sara and Inuk artist Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory offer a vision of land-based ecology.

Elle Sofe Sara + Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory

FTA Playground

Enduring Futures: On Ecology and Justice

Gathered alongside Kama La Mackerel, an artist and educator who takes apart colonial ideas with relish, the younger generation speaks out.

Kama La Mackerel

FTA Playground

The Écoscéno Method and Upcycling in Daily Life

Eco-design specialists Jasmine Catudal and Marianne Lavoie offer an introduction to upcycling that’s relevant to everyone.

Jasmine Catudal + Marianne Lavoie

FTA Playground

Decolonial Ecology Day

Together with activists, artists, and thinkers, we invite you to join a conversation about ecology, land, and justice in solidarity with those fighting for them.

FTA Playground


OFFTA and FTA join forces with FRGMNT and BBOYIZM for a Street Dance party that brings generations together.

Shash’U + Crazy Smooth + Boycott

FTA Playground


Radical choreographer nora chipaumire evokes the story of Nehanda in an opera with twenty dancers, musicians and singers. A call for resistance and reparations.

nora chipaumire


Joik Performance Lecture

With the help of an expert, discover the history and technique behind joik, these powerful songs of life, which are celebrated in FTA 2023’s opening show.

Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska

FTA Playground

Queer Bodies – Drawing Life

Queer bodies fill a bright, sheltered space located on the mezzanine of the Quartier général.

Élyanne Coursol-Dion + Manuel Shannon Shink

FTA Playground

The Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter Becomes

A hilarious townhall meeting in which thorny questions are raised about human rights, cognitive diversity, sexual politics and the domination of artificial intelligence.

Back to Back Theatre


Screendance under the Stars

As night falls, discover a rich selection of screendance curated by Regards Hybrides.

FTA Playground

A Revelation of Practices

Not afraid of leaving conventional definitions of dramaturgy behind, five pairs consisting of an artist and a dramaturge share their experiences, their approaches, even their secrets.

FTA Playground


A festive procession followed by a poignant performance meant to exorcize centuries of injustice and to shine a light on Indigenous cultures. A necessary work of art.

Tiziano Cruz


Danièle Lévesque: A Portrait

This vivid portrait of set designer Danièle Lévesque features archival materials, clips from shows, and testimonials.

Danièle Lévesque

FTA Playground

The Making of You

Guided by the power of fiction and imagination, artists Rosana Cade and Ivor MacAskill share their personal strategies in an unabashedly queer workshop.

Rosana Cade + Ivor MacAskil

FTA Playground

Travelling, Collaborating, Surviving: Theatre and the Climate Catastrophe

This multigenerational discussion highlights practical and inspiring courses of action for creating and touring works internationally.

FTA Playground

Navy Blue

Oona Doherty, the brilliant choreographer from Belfast, is shaking up the world of contemporary dance with her visceral honesty and her works haunted by Northern Ireland’s past. A furiously vital dance.

Oona Doherty


Lay Hold to the Softest Throat

Lay Hold to the Softest Throat is an invitation into a vibrating space that is both soft and rough; it sings, dances, plays, and swings from the spiritual to the frivolous.

Ellen Furey


Gisèle Vienne and Puppetry Arts

Gisèle Vienne will discuss her work with the Popular University of Puppetry Arts.

Gisèle Vienne

FTA Playground

Dramaturgical Consultations

Our dramaturges are there to listen. During a walk, around a table, with a coffee, a conversation to address creation head on.

FTA Playground

Gather In, Speculative Architecture of the Overflow

Emily Johnson, Yup’ik artist and activist, will exchange with long time collaborators Bolivian-Indige/American artist IV Castellanos and scholar Joseph M. Pierce, citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

Emily Johnson

FTA Playground

Friday nights

Come dance and party on Fridays at FTA!

Je suis TBA + PØPTRT / Empress Cissy Low + Mansa

FTA Playground


Unsettling, uncompromising, and subversive, this short play combines the personal and the political through a teenager’s rebellion against family and society.

Gisèle Vienne


Cispersonnages en quête d'auteurice

The company Joe Jack & John never resists the temptation to gum up our collective works. Its latest opus is a pitch-black comedy featuring a group of actors who explore the boundaries of their creative freedom.

Catherine Bourgeois


William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, A Radical Retelling by Cliff Cardinal

Cliff Cardinal takes over the Forest of Arden, allowing long-ignored voices to be heard. An invitation for each of us to consider reconciliation from within the very cells of our bodies.

Cliff Cardinal


Adèle Haenel and the Anniversaries of #metoo

A courageous recollection of the #metoo movement by Adèle Haenel, followed by an epilogue from the antiracist activist and commissioner Bochra Manaï.

Adèle Haenel

FTA Playground

Travelling the World of Dreams: A Workshop for Children Aged 6+

Accompanied by a workshop facilitator, participants are invited to shape their dreams with their own hands. Get ready for arts, crafts… and magic!

FTA Playground

Lots of Love Party

Lots of Love (LOL) puts together an evening of outdoor site-specific performances that will make you dance and feel all the feelings.

DJ Andrew Tay

FTA Playground

In My Body

Choreographer Crazy Smooth brings together nine amazing breakdancers aged 24 to 58 in a manifesto of movement: how to go beyond.

Crazy Smooth


La chambre des enfants

In an open, luminous room, the dreams of children take on shape and colour, leading you on a voyage through oneiric landscapes that will stay with you forever!

Anne-Marie Ouellet + Thomas Sinou + Nancy Bussières


White Out

A true immersion in the world of theatre company L’eau du bain, offering a vertiginous and sensory theatrical world, dream-like and disorienting.

Nancy Bussières + Anne-Marie Ouellet + Thomas Sinou +



A mesmerizing piece of documentary theatre, i/O ponders our collective capacity to take up new possibilities, invent other futures, and rethink the fact that we are finite.

Dominique Leclerc


The Beach and Other Stories

For Maria Kefirova, images are rivers of meaning. The Beach and Other Stories is a solo piece on photographic infiltration that seeks to give shape to our imaginary worlds.

Maria Kefirova

Dance Performance


Dana Michel presents MIKE, an epic work about work culture. From the margins comes a silent rebellion, taking its time and yours, utopianly yours.


Dana Michel


Tableau final de l'amour

A scenic adaptation of Larry Tremblay’s passionate novel, between agony and ecstasy, based on the life and work of Francis Bacon.

Angela Konrad + Larry Tremblay


Work in progress: Nigamon/Tunai

Artists and activists Émilie Monnet and Waira Nina Jacanamijoy have been collaborating for almost ten years on solidarity-based exchanges between their respective Anishinaabeg and Inga.

Émilie Monnet + Waira Nina Jacanamijoy

FTA Playground

A Conversation with Lia Rodrigues

The Brazilian choreographer Lia Rodrigues will discuss the forms, aesthetics, and imaginary worlds that define her work.

Lia Rodrigues

FTA Playground

Street Dance Generations

Led by b-boy Crazy Smooth, this intergenerational conversation about street dance practices further pursues the questions raised by In My Body.

Crazy Smooth

FTA Playground


Prodigious Inuk artist Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory and her collaborator Vinnie Karetak, an iconic actor from Nunavut tackles the forced displacements that shaped the lives of their ancestors and their collective memory.

Vinnie Karetak + Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory



Malicho Vaca Valenzuela, an artist belonging to the rising Chilean generation, delves into the bowels of the Internet in a compelling and immersive experience that is part fairy tale, part documentary.

Malicho Vaca Valenzuela


Yellow Towel: 10th Anniversary… and a Book!

A book launch, with cake and bubbles!

Dana Michel

FTA Playground


In this ode to matriarchal relationships, Sarah Vanhee stages an intimate conversation, both necessary and celebratory, to liberate our grandmothers from the burden of invisible toil.

Sarah Vanhee


Audience Warm-Up

An eye-opening experience taking you inside the worlds of three artists.

Oona Doherty + Crazy Smooth + Lia Rodrigues

FTA Playground

Creative Technical Direction

A trio of technical directors kick off this afternoon session by describing their contributions to the creative process.

Claudie Gagnon + Rebecca Brouillard + Victor Lamontagne + Jérémi Guilbault-Asselin

FTA Playground


The legendary Lia Rodrigues choreographs a captivating manifesto delivered by 11 performers turned into encantados—or magical spirits—in an outpouring of beauty and emotion.

Lia Rodrigues


The Making of Pinocchio

Moving between personal testimony and formal experimentation, The Making of Pinocchio draws us into a magical experience of the world in a tale of love and transition.

Rosana Cade + Ivor MacAskill


Bronx Gothic

A fundamental work of the last decade in New York, the mythical Bronx Gothic is revived by Wanjiru Kamuyu – a razor-sharp and trailblazing solo performance about a black girl’s life in the Bronx.

Okwui Okpokwasili

Dance Theatre

Waking the Body

We offer dancing and stretching exercises in a joyful environment.

Ellen Furey + Crazy Smooth + Katie Ward

FTA Playground

Closing night

The Festival is over, but it’s only a goodbye!

Rhythm & Hues + Tupi Collective + h1bou + Fruit défendu

FTA Playground


All FTA 2023 parties at our QG!

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