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Jordan Tannahill

Des centaines de petites phrases qui font résonner toutes les dimensions de l’existence. Et cinq interprètes qui, chaque soir, en improvisent les gestes.

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© Alejandro Santiago

Jordan Tannahill (Toronto)

En moins de 10 ans, le metteur en scène, auteur, réalisateur et artiste multidisciplinaire Jordan Tannahill s’est affirmé comme une voix majeure du théâtre canadien-anglais.

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Échos des médias

Declarations is a devastating but joyous statement about life and grief […] The ensemble is superb.”

The Star, 26-01-2018

Declarations beautifully charts the flow of human memory. Jordan Tannahill’s experimental show articulates why we shouldn’t take life’s uneventful moments for granted.”

NOW, 26-01-2018

“Thought-provoking […] Definitely unique”

The Buzz, 01-2018

“Though Declarations offers a meditation on death and dying, the audience has an opportunity to pause and celebrate life along the way […] A satisfying lullaby for the grieving.”, 05-03-2019

“The rapid pace of the text combined with the adrenaline rush of improvisation creates a sort of manic exhilaration in the theatre. It’s hard to look away when you haven’t seen anything like it […] I found myself laughing, reflecting, and lamenting.”, 02-02-2018

Declarations is an exquisite, complex, moving, layered, poetic, theatrical piece about a son’s love for his Mother, grief, belief, joy and life.”, 27-01-2018

“Liz Perterson [is] a captivatingly mischievous local performer […] Her performance is an interesting study in disciplined impulse, chaos and order.”

The Globe and Mail, 26-01-2018

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Mercredi 6 mai, 18 h 30, Cinémathèque québécoise.