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© Lars Jan

Holoscenes [Annulé]

Lars Jan

Un aquarium géant sur la place des Festivals ; des individus soumis à des inondations cycliques. Expérience visuelle et viscérale hors du commun, Holoscenes interpelle notre capacité de réaction au chaos.

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© Kawai Matthews

Lars Jan (Los Angeles) Early Morning Opera

L’Américain Lars Jan est fils d’immigrants originaires de l’Afghanistan et de la Pologne. Artiste multidisciplinaire, il est réalisateur, écrivain, artiste visuel et fondateur d’Early Morning Opera, un laboratoire qui allie performance, nouvelles technologies, art vivant et expériences inclassables.

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Échos des médias

Holoscenes is a chilling intervention many hope is fiction, not forecast […] An epic performance-installation […] As the water level rises and falls, the actions take on the qualities of a fraught water ballet.”

Vice (États-Unis), 02-06-2017

“Part surrealist performance, part sculpture, part escapology-style spectacle.”

The Guardian (Royaume-Uni), 29-09-2016

“The title of Jan’s installation is a play on words. Not only does it relate to the geological Holocene era, the 11,700 years since the last ice age, but it also plays on the theatrical notion of a “hollow scene”, an idea that Jan, whose background is in performance art, finds metaphorically dark and chilling.”

The National, 10-11-2016

“The ordinary man settled into his ordinary ritual. He lay down at the bottom of the empty, cubelike aquarium with his fluffed-up pillow, crawled under his sheet and shut his eyes. But he was roused abruptly by a stream of water, and in less than a minute he was a man whose day had turned topsy-turvy: He floated and twisted, rose and sank, fought and surrendered. Then, just as suddenly, the water level dropped, only to rise and fall again for the next 45 minutes while spectators sat mesmerized.”

The New York Times (États-Unis), 04-12-2015