24 Images: Choreographic Explorations in the Movies

Louise Lecavalier, Charlotte Dronier,
Louis-Martin Charest , Bruno Dequen

In its next edition, 24 images—chronicler of cinema’s evolution and diversity—will celebrate the many representations of dance on the big screen. The Festival will host the launch of this special issue.


The Festival hosts the launch of the film magazine 24 images’ new issue. To mark and celebrate its special topic, conceived by Charlotte Dronier and devoted to the multiple incarnations of dance on screen, the magazine team is organizing a round table discussion about cinematic coups de coeur. Alongside Charlotte Dronier, Louise Lecavalier and Louis-Martin Charest will present excerpts from their favorite dance scenes in movies in an informal setting. The discussion will be moderated by 24 images’ editor Bruno Dequen.


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Louise Lecavalier (Montreal)

Louise Lecavalier marked the imagination of an era with her radiant presence and her extraordinary physical daring.

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Charlotte Dronier (Montreal)

For almost ten years, Charlotte Dronier’s academic research focused on dance for screens, through the notions of presence and aura.

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Louis-Martin Charest (Montreal)

Louis-Martin founded LIBERAMÆ performance & films, a vehicle devoted to the advancement of screendance and live art.

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Bruno Dequen (Montreal)

Bruno Dequen is the editor of the film magazine 24 images.

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