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6 & 9

Tao Ye

Meditative and minimalist, 6 and 9 pay tribute to the potential and perseverance of the human body. Masterpieces of abstract beauty. Entrancing, hypnotic rituals.


Masterpieces of abstract beauty, a tribute to the potential and perseverance of the human body, these two pieces dazzle with their simplicity and virtuosity. Tableaux of extraordinary fluidity, sparing and mysterious, 6 and 9 provoke an aesthetic and metaphysical shock. The young Chinese choreographer Tao Ye caused a sensation with this series where minimalist purity and rigour create a dream of eternity.

The titles refer to the number of dancers in each piece, and 6 and 9 are characterized by the undulating movement of the dancers performing in a space suffused with shadow and light. For 6, they create in perfect unison a meditative ritual, celebrating an obscure harmony in a state of hypnotic trance. With 9, the theme is individuals under tension, a plurality of bodies waltzing the chaos between harmony and discord. Tao Ye directs his dancers brilliantly, creating a magnetic, almost sacred presence. 6 and 9 fascinate and bewitch.


Produced by TAO Dance Theater
Choreographed by Tao Ye
Performed by Xue Mao (6 & 9) + Jinying Yu (6 & 9) + Li Huang (6 & 9) + Da Ming (6 & 9) + Jing Hu (6 & 9) + Yulin Yan (6 & 9) + Yunhui Jiang (9) + Qiaoqiao Zhang (9) + Huanshuo Guo (9)
Music Xiao He
Lighting Design Ellen Ruge (6) + Tao Ye (9) + Ma Yue (9)
Costume Design Tao Ye (6 & 9) + Li Min (6) + Duan Ni (9)
Lighting Operator Ma Yue (6)
Rehearsal Director Duan Ni (6)
Company Manager Wang Hao
Director of International Projects Jun Jun

Commissioned by NorrlandsOperan
With the support of Umeå 2014 European Cultural Capital + Swedish Arts Council (Stockholm) + Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Stockholm) + Region Vasterbotten (Umeå) + China Literature and Art Foundation (Beijing)

Co-produced and co-commissioned by Asia TOPA —Arts Centre Melbourne + Sadler’s Wells (London) + Théâtre de la Ville (Paris) + Théâtre Paris-Villette + Shanghai International Dance Center Theater + National Taichung Theater (Taiwan)

Presented in association with Place des Arts

6 premiered at NorrlandsOperan, 2014 European Cultural Capital, Umeå, on February 1, 2014
9 premiered at National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing, on November 3, 2017


© Fan Xi

Tao Ye (Beijing)
TAO Dance Theater

A rising star in Chinese contemporary dance, Tao Ye (born in 1985) is the artistic director of the TAO Dance Theater, established in 2008.

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