Albertine en cinq temps

Michel Tremblay’s most recent play is devoted to one of the most complex and least known of the women he has created: ALBERTINE, a character fragmented in time and space, generously portrayed by five actresses. The confrontation and interaction of five facets of a single individual are observed by the quiet and irritatingly confident Madeleine, her sister and most intimate witness observer. Albertine’s double alienation as a woman from an underprivileged family means that her revolt can only be expressed through her cries, despair and refusal to recognize herself in her daughter. But a cry is already a first form of liberation….


ALBERTINE EN CINQ TEMPS: a text that immediately won a place in the repertory of Quebec theatre, in a reserved, almost austere, production directed by André Brassard, whose creative partnership with Michel Tremblay has given us among Canada’s most successful plays.


By Michel Tremblay
Directed by André Brassard
Coproducted by the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and the Théâtre du Rideau Vert.