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Altamira 2042

Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha

Presiding over a captivating techno-shamanist ceremony and eco-feminist fable, Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha celebrates the life of Brazil’s Xingu River with a concert of deeply resonant voices, sounds, and images.


Guerilla of the Living

Fluorescent speakers flicker in the tropical night. Armed with a high-tech arsenal, the Brazilian artist Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha presides over a techno-shamanist ceremony dedicated to the Xingu River and the River people displaced by the construction of the Belo Monte Dam. Altamira 2042, a product of Carneiro da Cunha’s long-term research around Amazonian river ecosystems destroyed by Man, carries the language of waterways and animals and the voices of all that makes up the land.

Taking the form of an eco-feminist fable, this interactive installation activated by Carneiro da Cunha draws on modern and traditional technologies. The result of extended dialogue with the peoples of the river, this haunting, elaborate solo piece calls for an “Amazonization” of the world, a battle in which life stands its ground against the destructive forces of progress. Stunning and staggering, Altamira 2042 is an ode to the solidarity of living things and a cry of warning.


Produced by Corpo Rastreado + Aruac Filmes

Conception and Creation Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha

Directed by Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha + Fleuve Xingu River

Direction Advisor Cibele Forjaz

Assistant Directors João Marcelo Iglesias + Clara Mor + Jimmy Wong

Research orientation and Artistic interaction Dinah De Oliveira + Sonia Sobral

Texts Bel Juruna + Eliane Brum + Raimunda Gomes Da Silva + João Pereira Da Silva + Povos Indígenas Araweté E Juruna + Lariza + Thais Mantovanelli + Mc Fernando + Mc Rodrigo – Poeta Marginal + Antonia Mello + Marcelo Salazar + Thais Santi

Programming Bruno Carneiro + Computadores Fazem Arte

Multimedia Bruno Carneiro + Rafael Frazão

Images Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha + Cibele Forjaz + João Marcelo Iglesias + Clara Mor + Eryk Rocha

Video Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha + Rafael Frazão + João Marcelo Iglesias

Text Editing Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha + João Marcelo Iglesias

Sound Design Bruno Carneiro + Felipe Storino

Costume Design Carla Ferraz

Lighting Design Cibele Forjaz

Installation Cabeção + Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha + Carla Ferraz + Ciro SchouVisual Design Rodrigo Barja

Body Work Paulo Mantuano + Mafalda Pequenino

Research Eliane Brum + Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha + Dinah De Oliveira + Cibele Forjaz João + Marcelo Iglesias + Clara Mor + Mafalda Pequenino + Eryk Rocha + Sonia Sobral

Production Director Gabriela Gonçalves

International distribution Judith Martin / Ligne Directe

Co-produced by Mitsp – São Paulo International Theater Festival + FarOFFa Festival (São Paulo)

Presented in association with Agora de la danse + Tangente

North American première

Written by Elsa Pépin

Translated by David Dalgleish

Premiered at São Paulo International Theatre Festival, on March 19, 2019



Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha (São Paulo)

Originally an actress, Brazil’s Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha has worked with directors such as Ariane Mnouchkine, Grace Passô, and Eryk Rocha during her theatrical and cinematic career. She is also a stage director, filmmaker, and researcher who has been working on a research project since 2013 that collects testimonies about endangered Brazilian rivers and the people who live along their banks, marginalized from the historical, political, and economic processes that lead to dispossession.

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