© Hugo Glendinning

And on the Thousandth Night


An entire night of tall tales — stories of horror, of ghosts, princesses led astray, crazy neighbours and slimy politicians. Love stories that never end or that end badly, tales cobbled together from legends, traditional yarns, true facts, anecdotes, gossip and jokes. Risqué stories, tales that have been short-circuited, borrowed and reworked or pushed to new heights and depths, from black cats to the man on the moon. In an atmosphere that lends itself to pure invention and improvisation that snowballs, eight rough-and-ready kings and queens of the night steal each other’s thunder, telling tall tales while sipping tea. In need of a story in order to hold on and stand fast ?


Accept this informal invitation to theatre that goes on all night long, with breakfast included for those actors and members of the audience who go the distance and make it to the finish line. Pillows and teddy bears admitted free of charge.