© Daniel Faoro


Julian Maynard Smith

Theatre for dreamers. In which shapes form and reform in ever-changing patterns, where one is utterly free to put a horse in a greek vase, where bodies disappear in fine clouds and isolate themselves in devastated landscapes, where nothing is certain and anything can happen.


Theatre that pits desire and imagination against the rigidity of the real world, theatre that builds and dreams the universe. On a black floor covered with a thin sprinkling of white flour, all the tracks, all the inventions, all the marks, shadows, imprints and silhouettes combine to express fantasy, arbitrariness, control: to learn the language and the world. anonymous voices circulate among the performers. tracking relations between man and the environment in which he lives, an unparalleled work that weaves in social concerns and a genuine challenge to shapes in performances that never lose sight of the simple pleasure of acting.


Collective work Station House Opera Directed by Julian Maynard Smith