Unfurl your antennae, feel both the movement and the moment, bring the intelligence of the body into play – that is the approach to choreography and the challenge launched by Quebec choreographer Benoît Lachambre and Vancouver dancer Su-Feh Lee as they venture, in Body-Scan, into the secret, innermost zones of the human body.


By working on the transmission of energy and fluidity in space, these two atypical creative artists seek to liberate movement from the cultural straitjacket of formalism in order to find their way back to an authenticity of movement. In dynamic emotional response to four other performers and the very organic environment of New York photographer Robert Flynt, they embark on a sensitive dialogue between the mysteries of human anatomy and the world it inhabits. Bodies attract one another, they merge, separate and withdraw, connected always by an invisible inner strength emanating from the dancers. Time expands, the space imbued with waves of energy circling from the stage to the audience, enhancing with each surge the force and quality of the experience. This ode to an awakening of the senses is an invitation to move beyond reality.


Artistic Direction & Choreography : Benoît Lachambre, Su-Feh Lee

Guests : Antonija Livingstone, Yannick Matthon, Moravia Naranjo, Stephen Thompson

Photography : Robert Flynt

Set Design :Annabel Vergne

Costume Desgin : Alexandra Bertaut

Music : Jesse Zubot

Lighting Design : Philippe Dupeyroux 

Production: Par B.L.eux (Montréal)

Coproduction : Le Quartz, Scène nationale de Brest (France), Théâtre de la Ville de Paris (France), Festival TransAmériques, Cenntre National de Danse Contemporaine-Angers (France), Dance Victoria (Canada), Battery Opera (Canada)

In association with  Usine C

Text: Fabienne Cabado

English Translation: Neil Kroetsch

Photos: Robert Flynt