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On stage, a concentration camp, the ever present danger of fascism in the world. Beyond the camp, a vision of repression in South America today, and in counterpoint, the “Libertador.” With cruel irony, the camp guards force the prisoners to write and stage a play about Simon Bolivar.



Rajatabla created this profoundly tragic work in 1982, one year before the 200th anniversary of Bolivar’s birth. Bolivar was the national hero who dreamed of uniting all the Spanishspeaking countries of South America into one free nation: Greater Colombia. But in a highly significant choice, the prisoner actors decide to ignore the gloricus epic of Bolivar’s life and focus on his last ten dying days.

A grand, Iyrical show combining realism and allegory, despair and the grotesque, BOLIVAR has been acclaimed in numerous festivals in Europe and Latin America. A production with more than 20 actors, with a scenography and musical score that overcome all language barriers.


By José Antonio Rial.
Directed by Carlos Gimenez.
Produced by the Grupo Rajatabla, Taller de Teatro del Ateneo de Caracas.