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Caída del cielo

Rocío Molina

In her extraordinary virtuoso flamenco imbued with rock concert and performance art aesthetics, Rocío Molina is merciless. Powerful, transgressive, untamed dance.



An innovative, iconoclastic star of new flamenco, the Spanish dancer Rocío Molina is a force of nature in this subversive, electrifying piece. Blending untamed, virtuoso flamenco with a rock concert and performance art approach, she shatters conventions as she plunges into the feminine depths of a sensual, exuberant world.

Acoustic guitar, a cappella singing, distortion and a dynamic Rocío Molina nimbly twirling and ruthlessly pounding her heels. In her chrysalis dress, she shimmies and undulates into unknown territory, silently conquering the ground. Onstage she obliterates genres, playing the strutting torero, dabbling in cabaret, defying the musicians in an exhilarating duel. Breathless and exhausted, bathed in dirt and blood, this she-devil holds her own against flamenco. Unprecedented. A powerful, transgressive and unruly dance.


Produced by Danza Molina S.L.
Choreography and music direction Rocío Molina
Dramaturgy, direction and lighting design Carlos Marquerie
Ideation Carlos Marquerie + Rocío Molina
Original music Eduardo Trassierra in association with José Ángel Carmona + Pablo Martín Jones + José Manuel Ramos “Oruco”
Assistant to dance Elena Córdoba
Costumes / Costume design Cecilia Molano
Costume making Maty + López de Santos + Rafael Solís
Performed by Rocío Molina + Eduardo Trassierra (Guitars) + José Ángel Carmona (Singing and electric bass) + José Manuel Ramos “Oruco” (Hand-clapping, beat and percussion) + Pablo Martín Jones (Percussion and electronics)
Technical manager and lighting design Antonio Serrano
Sound design Javier Álvarez
Set manager Reyes Pipio
Production Assistant Magdalena Escoriza
Executive director Loïc Bastos


Co-produced by Chaillot – Théâtre National de la danse (Paris)
With the support of INAEM

Presented by Infopresse in association with Monument-National

Written by Jessie Mill
Translated by Neil Kroetsch
Promotional video Les Films de la Butte co-produced with Danza Molina S.L. + TV Sud Montpellier in association with ARTE France

Premiered at Théâtre National de Chaillot, Paris, on November 3, 2016


© Pablo Guidali

Rocío Molina (Seville)

Born in Andalusia near Màlaga in 1984, the young prodigy of new flamenco began dancing at the age of three.

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