© Alain Dugas


François Tanguy

Choral is based on Kafka’s writing, “so clear and at the same time so ‘beside the point’ that it designates and describes individual social mechanisms almost by default.” (François Tanguy)


On the other side of a scrim that lends forms an irridescent haze, men in black suits and women in off-white gowns bustle about. As cupboards, chairs and picture frames are incessantly moved, it appears that the guardians of the night have plunged into an unbalanced world on the verge of collapse. Changing images that are never still, ceaseless gestures, suggested movements, waves or gusts of music and words heard from afar like the murmurs of fading memories, shift certitudes, upset the balance. We come very close to happiness, at the point where real suffering lies. In this theatre of carnival and shadows, this puppet stage of children’s dreams, the world creaks at the joints. We rediscover the profundity of silent reflection, the subtle pleasure of awakened emotion. We regain the desire to escape from convention.


Directed and designed by
François Tanguy

Co-produced by
Théâtre du Radeau (Le Mans)
Quartz de Brest
Théâtre en Mai (Dijon)
Théâtre Garonne (Toulouse)