With tapes of “English in twelve easy lessons” in her Walkman, a young woman from Quebec City leaves her job and family and sets off for adventure in the United States. Along the coast of New England, in Provincetown and New York, she meets up with men and myths: “John and Bob, and Clark Kent alias Superman” and all the others! Her inner journey, a flight from herself, comes to an end in New York, where she is ultimately reconciled with herself and her father figure.


An ingenious staging by Robert Lepage, one of the most promising figures in Quehec theatre, exploits the ressources of a synthetizer, transforms the reality of the most ordinary objects and paces the performance using a neutral yet caustic leitmotif. French, English and movement combine in the play to make the image the main character and sound the dramatic text. As sharp and clearcut as a traffic light repulating the flow of cars, but as flexible and energetic as the circulatory system: CIRCULATIONS. chosen as the best Canadian production of the 1984 Quinzaine internationale de théâtre de Québec.


A show by the Théâtre Repère
Directed by Robert Lepage