Comédie russe

Serge Denoncourt

Le Théâtre de l’Opsis has gained wide recognition with its intelligent, powerful, and audacious approach to theatre..


Classics and contemporary works are read, reread, redefined, and then given an entirely new form. In a world premier performance, «Platonov», Checkov’s first play will be brought to life by the sheer force of innovation. Part vaudeville, part tragicomedy, and wholly Checkov, Comédie Russe is a dramatic investigation of man struggling against a society in decay – old school versus young blood – two generations colliding in a world of comfortable indifference. Serge Denoncourt and Le Théâtre de l’Opsis invite audiences to this fascinating game of theatrical Russian roulette.


By Anton Tcheckov and Pierre-Yves Lemieux
Directed by Serge Denoncourt