© Gato Elaine

Contes du fleuve rouge

Quynh Giao + Dang Anh Nga

“A poetic show. And as mysterious as a wizard’s tricks.” An apt comment on the unusual and extraordinary nature of this show and the techniques born in the rice fields, of a centuries-old folk art which remain a well-preserved secret.


Eleven puppeteers up to their waists in water, hidden behind a temple reflecting the myriad faces of Asia, and five musicians, including two singers, are responsible for this extraordinary aquatic marvel. Skimming the surface of the water, the 139 superbly painted wood and lacquer figurines seem to move entirely on their own. Dragons, unicorns, lions, ducks, butterflies, children, swimmers, phoenix, fish and little flags emerge and disappear as we watch, incredulous and fascinated. All these instants of miniature poetry, often humourous, ephemeral images of another world, songs and percussion pieces from another era, touch our lives with a moment of grace.


Co-directed by
Quynh Giao
Dang Anh Nga