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Hiroaki Umeda

Dance, light and sound embrace and reverberate in a living, three-dimensional portrait. A solo of heightened intensity where dance merges with its environment.


Another dimension awaits. A sphere of vibrations directly connected to the body. A space out of reality, yet intimately linked to your sensations. A total immersion in a high intensity visual and sound environment, Contingency hypnotizes with a molecular trance. An inventive avant-garde digital artist, Hiroaki Umeda created and performs this powerful solo about random occurrences and the accidents of life.

Inspired by the fluid movements of water and biology, this living, three-dimensional portrait merges the impulses of the dancer moving within the space of a dome. A tribute to the beauty of deviations that transform the body and its trajectories, this futuristic work relies on urges and strong sensations. The taut, keyed-up body of Umeda twists into motion against a backdrop of abstract video projections unfolding to the rhythm of edgy electronic music. An organic, infinite dance.


Produced by S20
Choreographed and performed by Hiroaki Umeda
Image Direction and Sound Design S20
Image Programming Gabor Papp
Image Composition Guillaume Gravier
Interactivity Programming Vincent Brault [SAT]
Images Creation Seiji Ando (S20)
Production Management Suzuko Tanoiri (S20)

Codiffusion and produced with the support of Société des arts technologiques [SAT]

Written by Elsa Pépin
Translated by Neil Kroetsch

Premiered at Society for Arts and Technology [SAT], Montreal, on May 21, 2020


Hiroaki Umeda (Tokyo)

Renowned as a major figure on the Japanese avant-garde scene, Hiroaki Umeda studied photography in Tokyo before embarking on a career as a dancer 20 years ago.

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