Public Recordings

Three microphones, percussive electronic music and, projected onto the backstage wall, the image of two men and a woman walking through the wings just before stepping onstage.


Disconcerting performers in a rock concert that really isn’t a rock concert, they are going to “play some music” with their bodies, translating into movement the fiery spirit and excess of the genre. The “dance songs” of the performance are presented in a series of striking tableaux that follow the classic energetic curve of a rock concert, driven forward not only by the body but by the voice as well. Voices that shout, moan, whisper, sing and address the audience. The three charismatic performers move from total mastery to loss of control, fluctuating between explosion and suspension, individuality and fusion. The adventurous choreographer Ame Henderson hits home with this unbridled, tumultuous piece that blends art forms in its rendition of the harsh reality of the human condition. /Dance/Songs/ is a bracing shot of adrenaline in 12 strong doses, encore included.


Concept et mise en scène : Ame Henderson

Musique : Eric Craven

Interprètes et co-créateurs : Chad Dembski, Claudia Fancello, Matija Ferlin

Vidéo : Daniel Arcé

Design : Trevor Schwellnus

Dramaturgie : Jacob Zimmer

Costumes : Cathia Pagotto

Production : Public Recordings (Toronto)

rédaction : Fabienne Cabado

photos : Liam Maloney