© Han Lei

Dossier zéro

Mou Sen

This performance features artists who are participating in an unprecedented cultural and artistic revival in the People’s Republic of China. A Chinese citizen’s destiny is still essentially tied to civil files that government officials dispose of as they please.


“If my file goes astray, I no longer exist,” says director Mou Sen, explaining the highly subversive nature of Yu Jian’s poem, the inspiration for this show which contrasts sharply with the official story. File O is concerned with people’s lives: two men and a mute woman perform open-heart surgery. Razor-edged theatre that uses white-hot images. The winds of freedom are gathering force in the People’s Republic. In the artists’ guerilla movement for the right to individuality and privacy, words challenge fire and sword. Their theatre sweeps the slate clean and introduces us to an unexpected contemporary China.


Directed by
Mou Sen

Based on
Ling Dang An by Yu Jian

Written by
Mou Sen
Wu Wenguang
Jiang Yue

Co-produced by
Kunsten Festival des Arts, Brussels
Xi Ju Che Jian