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Dreamland Burns

As we write these lines, the latest creation of the Squat Theatre has not yet taken final shape. Theatre lovers in Montreal will be among the very first to discover DREAMLAND BURNS (working title), even before New York does. Built around the narrow frontier between illusion and reality, the play draws visually on both cinema and theatre. On the screen, a day in the life of a young girl. On stage, the dream that haunts her nights. The Squat Theatre has set itself the challenge of depicting reality through film and using the stage to evoke magic, illusion and fantasy. A seductive and efficient dream machine. Plus a musical background that intrudes into the play and ultimately transforms one episode in the girl’s life into opera.


The Squat Theatre is fearless when it comes to trying out new forms and new techniques of expression. The result is invariably effective, almost intoxicating. A remarkable show “made in New York”. At long last, an opportunity to see the Squat Theatre in Montreal: DREAMLAND BURNS.



A collective production by the Squat Theatre
Directed by Stephen Ballint