En los zaguanes angeles muertos

Alberto Félix Alberto

Obliged to spend the evening with hosts whose language he doesn’t understand, a man takes a tormented journey in porches filled with memories and the spectres of his subconscious.


Trapped in this temporary isolation, he gradually drifts into a hallucinating parade of characters, sundry objects and incidents of childhood violence. Grappling with the conflicting forces within him, grappling with conventions, religion and repression, he weighs his triple marginality — Jewish, homosexual, artist — and comes to terms with his true nature. Bathed in liturgical music, tango melodies and the sounds of wind and torrential rain, balanced uneasily between the calm of Apollo and the dissoluteness of Dionysius, a strange universe built on difference and ambiguity, virtually wordless except for the sounds of an invented language. The unintelligible voices of the two strangers constitute an omnipresent groundswell underlying a hypnotic journey, like a black and white dream that passes from shadows to revelation.


Created and directed by Alberto Félix Alberto