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Estado vegetal

Manuela Infante

If a tree created a stage play featuring human characters, what would it look like? That is the playful and subversive challenge launched by the Chilean artist Manuela Infante.


What if a tree created a stage play featuring human characters? What would a plant tell us about our world? About human interactions? About power? That is the philosophical and subversive challenge posed by the fascinating Manuela Infante, a prolific Chilean artist making her FTA début.

The only thing left that can tell the story of an accident on a stormy night is a plant. With a handful of characters, all admirably played by Marcela Salinas, the tale takes shape, rising upward and branching out like a weeping willow. Not just humans and other animals can think, communicate, feel emotions, but plants as well. But what is a plant conscious of? What does it think about? How does it imagine time? Space? A fiction for our time composed by a marvellously unconventional imagination.


Produced by Teatro a Mil Foundation
Directed by Manuela Infante
Dramaturgy Manuela Infante + Marcela Salinas
Performed by Marcela Salinas
Set, Costume and Lighting Design Rocío Hernández
Props Design Ignacia Pizarro
Voice Pol del Sur
Production Manager Carmina Infante
Translated in English by Bruce Gibbons + Alex Ripp + British Council Chile

Co-produced by NAVE, Center for Creations and Residencies (Santiago)

Presented in association with Théâtre ESPACE GO

Written by Paul Lefebvre
Translated by Neil Kroetsch

Premiered at NAVE – Teatro a Mil Foundation, Santiago, on June 1, 2017


Manuela Infante (Santiago)

Born in 1980 in Santiago, Chile, the dramaturge, director and musician Manuela Infante studied theatre at the University of Chile, and cultural analysis at the University of Amsterdam.

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