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Pascale Drevillon, Geoffrey Gaquère

An activist and performance artist, Pascale Drevillon explodes our vision of a binary world. Explore with her the wide spectrum of possible genders.


A performance artist and activist for the rights of transgender people, Pascale Drevillon explodes our vision of a binary world. Observe along with her a chrysalis struggling to live. Discover the androgynous, follow a violent young man, a misfit. Watch as he metamorphoses into a doll in flamboyant makeup. Witness the emergence of a complex and poignant human being. Explore the spectrum of possible genders.

Every gesture of preparing for the transformation is captivating. Time is distended, the artist moulds her new form, her reinvented self. On video or in photos, other testimonials make their appearance. Present since the dawn of time, transgender identity here becomes a courageous odyssey of the soul through myriad alternatives. Our attributes are perhaps not as specific and unchangeable as we think. One thing, though, is certain—we are all part of the human race.


Produced by Pascale Drevillon + Geoffrey Gaquère
Created and performed by Pascale Drevillon
Directed by Geoffrey Gaquère
Performer and Stage Manager Andréanne Samson
Set Design Léa Pennel
Lighting Design Cédric Delorme-Bouchard<
Music Bibi Club
Video Consultant Julien Blais
Movement Advisor Mélanie Demers
Production Director Caroline Ferland
Technical Director and Stage Manager Sarah Laval
Video Performers Soleil Launière + Robbie Madsen

Exhibition Photographs Ianna Book + Pascale Drevillon + Myriam Forest-Arsenault + Geoffrey-Gaquère + Daniel Garneau + Julie Laurin + Andréanne Samson + Geneviève Zefort

Co-produced by Festival TransAmériques
Presented in association with Agora de la danse
Creative residencies Espace Libre + Maison de la culture Maisonneuve + École supérieure de théâtre de l’UQAM

Written by Diane Jean
Translated by Neil Kroetsch

Premiered at Festival TransAmériques, Montreal, on May 31, 2019


© Olivier Hardy

Pascale Drevillon (Montreal)

An actress outside the norm, Pascale Drevillon studied acting and performance at UQAM and graduated in 2015.

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© David Ospina

Geoffrey Gaquère (Montreal)

Born and raised in Belgium, the actor and director Geoffrey Gaquère settled in Quebec in 1996.

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