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Gisèle Vienne and Puppetry Arts

Gisèle Vienne , Antoine Laprise

Gisèle Vienne will discuss her work with the Popular University of Puppetry Arts.


Gisèle Vienne is a choreographer and director as well as a graduate of the École Supérieure Nationale des Arts de la Marionnette who has also studied music and philosophy. Her shape-shifting œuvre involves dancers and actors, puppets and mannequins, masks and dolls, which produce a unique, uncanny sense of presence on stage. She will discuss her work with the Popular University of Puppetry Arts.


Moderator Antoine Laprise

In association with Association québécoise des marionnettistes


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Gisèle Vienne (Strasbourg)
DACM / Compagnie Gisèle Vienne

A visual artist, photographer, and director, Gisèle Vienne has also continued her explorations beyond the stage, including the publication of the book/CD set Jerk // Through Their Tears (2011)—a companion piece to Jerk (2008), a show performed at La Chapelle in 2010.

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Antoine Laprise ()
DACM / Compagnie Gisèle Vienne

After graduating in acting from the Conservatoire d’Art dramatique de Québec in 1990, Antoine Laprise performed frequently in the theatre before taking part in the TV show Course Destination Monde in 1996 then working as a director.

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