Grupo de Rua

They are Brazilian. The street has long been their battleground. Veterans of hip-hop, dance is the very air they breathe – the rarefied air of the city.


In taking over the stage, the nine desperados of the Grupo de Rua expand their own vital space. Acclaimed in Europe, the young choreographer Bruno Beltrão takes pleasure in shattering preconceived ideas about street dance, and is presenting his work in Montreal for the first time. Put through the wringer, reinvented and stripped of the clichés of the genre, his work is a remarkable fusion of hip-hop and contemporary dance.  Gone are the musical and visual stereotypes of hip-hop, the discourse of sheer virtuosity dispensed with. With his most recent work H3, Beltrão has broken another taboo by exploring otherness, the territory of the brother who is not necessarily the enemy. Like a powerful yet fragile commando unit, his dancers create astonishing duets and trios as they collide and balance against each other. The essence of hip-hop is retained, as the choreographer preserves its unmistakable figures and the high voltage energy of his breakdancers. An incredible tour de force!


Choreography : Bruno Beltrão

Dancers : Bruno Duarte, Bruno Williams, Danilo Pereira, Eduardo Hermanson, Filipi de Moraes, Kleberson Gonçalves, Kristiano Gonçalves, Luiz Carlos Gadelha, Thiago Almeida

Assistant Director : Ugo Alexandre Neves

Lighting Design : Renato Machado

Set Design : Gualter Pupo

Costume Design : Marcelo Sommer

Music : Lucas Marcier, Rodrigo Marçal –ARPX

Production : Grupo de Rua (Rio de Janeiro) 

Coproduction : Kunsten Festival des Arts, Festival (Belgique), Internacional de las Artes, Salamanca 2008 – Junta de Castilla y León, Le Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg, Festival d’Automne à Paris |en collaboration avec / in association with Hebbel-am-Ufer, La Ferme du Buisson

In association with Agora de la danse

Text: Isabelle Poulin

English Translation: Neil Kroetsch

Photos: Scumeck