HA Ha!…

Lorraine Pintal

Between Pagliaro, the Alouettes, announcements for “Whisper!,” language that takes off like a runaway horse, and the unbridled delinquency of a gigantic fair, four characters bogged down in ticky-tacky lives rip into at each other gleefully — “And when I bite, there’s a piece missing” — in the most scintillating and merciless jeu de massacre in Québec dramaturgy. Wild, abrasive and tormented, the seventies as seen by Réjean Ducharme look as fresh as ever.


When everybody “talks Greek in their own language,” when the line between game and reality blurs, when contact with others hurts and we hurtle towards an inevitable “dead-end Eden.” An inspired production…


Théâtre du Nouveau-Monde Written by Réjean Ducharme Directed by Lorraine Pintal