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Heavy Nopal

Astrid Hadad

Known as the iconoclastic Madonna, Astrid Hadad and Los Tarzanes, her group of utterly kitsch musicians recreate the torrid atmosphere of Mexican nights.


To tunes of hackneyed rumba, sensual bolero, cha cha, salsa and infernal rock, Astrid Hadad gives us her take on the history of Mexico to the present time. Macho culture, religion, revolution, trade agreements with the United States, Octavio Paz and Quetzalcoatl — nothing is spared. Her costumes are three-dimensional renditions of the social critique in each of her songs. Disguised as pineapple-woman, garland-woman, pyramid-woman, the Virgin of Guadeloupe, Aztec frescos or woman pope, she unravels Mexican culture as only a woman who takes her audacity seriously can do. With her warm, throaty voice, this actor-singer re-invents the cabaret and, amidst gales of laughter, lets us hear and see the dark side of the Mexican moon.


Written, performed and directed by
Astrid Hadad