Historia de la Sangre

Alfredo Castro

Alfredo Castro draws on accounts collected from the marginalized in Chilean society — transvestites, homosexuals, the mentally ill and street and circus performers — to reconstitute and interpret Chilean memory.


Historia de la Sangre (Blood Story) sounds out the fertile terrain of crimes of passion, using as its point of departure a true story that made headlines in Santiago in 1923. Rosa Faúndez, having more than enough love for two, kills her husband and scatters the parts of his body around town. Other testimony fills out the backdrop of a show that stirs up the layers of myth and symbolism of blood. The stories recreated include the recent history of a country subjected to fire and sword, the more personal story of the blood circulating in our veins and fuelling passions, and the universal stories of Electra, Medea and Oedipus. Like Artaud, Alfredo Castro creates what he dreams. Behind the carnival-like excess, his staging has the careful precision of calligraphy.


Directed by
Alfredo Castro

Written by
Francesca Lombardo
Rodrigo Pérez
Alfredo Castro