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© Jerick Collantes

In My Body

Crazy Smooth

Choreographer Crazy Smooth brings together nine amazing breakdancers aged 24 to 58 in a manifesto of movement: how to go beyond.


The Good Fight

With their stunts and vigorous impulses, the b-boys and b-girls seem invincible. But are they as all-powerful when the knees start to give way and the physicality wanes? Choreographer Crazy Smooth sheds light on the taboo of the aging body by inviting nine formidable breakdancers aged 24 to 58 to take the stage—body and soul.

Crazy Smooth draws on the feverish fluidity associated with  breakdancing competitions and pushes the boundaries of street dance to show the other side of the body, its maturity and its limits. Moving from smooth group formations to thrumming duets and solos, the performers grip and support each other—an embodiment of supportive community. Punctuated by documentary fragments, life stories and spoken word, In My Body sheds light on how transmission works, from the elders who keep memory alive to the churn of youth. B-boy for life!


Produced by Centre de Création O Vertigo – CCOV
Choreographed by Crazy Smooth
Assistant Choreographer and Rehearsal Director Saxon Fraser
Performed by Jayson Collantes + Mark Collantes + DKC Freeze + Miss Marie Monsta + Nubian Néné + Julie Rock + Crazy Smooth + Tash + Vibz
Outside Eye Melly Mel
Original Music DJ Shash’U
Text Alejandro Rodriguez
Costume Design Sonya Bayer + Melly Mel
Lighting Design Chantal Labonté
Creative Consultant Sophie Michaud
Performer and social media Coordinator Anyo
Multimedia and Set Design Xavier Mary + Thomas Payette (mirari)
Creative Programming Charles-Éric Gandubert (La boîte interactive)
Production Director André Houle – CCOV
Technical Director Jarrett Bartlett
Video Director Samuel Boucher
Tour Manager Claire Bourdin
Touring Gillian Reid
Surtitles translation Elaine Normandeau
Surtitles Operator Sandrine Kwan

Co-produced by Bboyizm + CanDance Creation Fund + Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity + Brian Webb Dance Company (Edmonton) + Yukon Arts Centre (Whitehorse) + dance Immersion (Toronto) + Canadian Stage (Toronto)
Developed with the support of National Arts Centre’s National Creation Fund (Ottawa)

Presented by Urbania in association with Monument-National

Written by Marie-Ève Trahan
Translated by Katia Grubisic

Premiered at Timms Centre for the Arts, Edmonton, on March 4, 2022


© Becki Peckam

Crazy Smooth (Gatineau)

Choreographer, dancer, and teacher Yvon « Crazy Smooth » Soglo has been a major figure in the Canadian street dance scene since his start in 1997. A committed leader in his community, he regularly sits on battle juries in North America and Europe. 

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