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Jamais assez

Fabrice Lambert

Fabrice Lambert combines choreographic refinement and explosive energy, keeping fear at bay in a majestic fire dance. Spectacular images. A dazzling work.


In Praise of the Present

A true fact: in Finland an incredible landfill site for burying nuclear waste will be sealed for 100,000 years. To fathom that unbelievably long time, the French artist Fabrice Lambert paints a compelling portrait by means of a fabulous time acceleration machine. Extolling the will to live in a majestic fire dance, he rebuffs fear and champions the present as the only way to the future.

A cellular magma swarms over the luminescent ground. From shadows against an ochre background appear traces of a distant future. And in the irradiated space 10 performers swirl with desire and vitality, a galvanizing ceremony for a community armed with hope in the face of danger. Like a sun hurtling at top speed around the planet, the lighting makes time fast forward around the bodies. The effect is startling and is reinforced by the tension between speed and suspension, between silence and deafening sound. Spectacular images of a latter-day myth where humans have become absolute masters of their destiny. A deliciously refined concept, a dazzling work.


Produced by L’Expérience Harmaat
Choreographed by Fabrice Lambert
Assistant choreographer Hanna Hedman
Performed by Aina Alegre + Jérôme Andrieu + Mathieu Burner + Lorenzo De Angelis + Vincent Delétang + Corinne Garcia + Julie Guibert + Hanna Hedman + Yannick Hugron + Jung-Ae Kim
Lighting design Philippe Gladieux
Sound design Marek Havlicek
Set and costume design Thierry Grapotte
Vortex Guillaume Cousin

Co-produced by Festival d’Avignon + Le Manège de Reims – Scène nationale + ARCADI (Paris) + Centre national de la danse (Pantin) + CDC Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson + Pôle Sud – Centre de Développement Chorégraphique en préfiguration (Strasbourg) with the support of Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication – DRAC Île-de-France + Région Île-de-France + Département Seine-Saint-Denis + SPEDIDAM (Paris) +  Théâtre de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines – Scène nationale

Studios and creative residencies Kultur Skellefteå  in association with NorrlandsOperan (Umeå) + L’apostrophe – scène nationale de Cergy-Pontoise et du Val d’Oise + Centre Chorégraphique National Ballet de Lorraine – accueil studio 2014/2015 (Nancy) + Ballet de l’Opera National du Rhin – Centre Chorégraphique National de Mulhouse
Presented with the support of Institut français + Service de coopération et d’action culturelle du Consulat général de France à Québec

Premiered at Festival d’Avignon, July 13, 2015


© L'Expérience Harmaat – Laurent Philippe

Fabrice Lambert (Paris)
L'Expérience Harmaat

A charismatic soloist and choreographer attuned to the physical and social sciences, the French artist Fabrice Lambert is renowned for works where dance and visual and sound environments are interwoven into a meaningful whole.

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