Je me souviens

Samy Frey

Memories come and go, twist and turn, and memory trips up over details.


During a bicycle ride, a man remembers. It is nothing, it is everything. Because the past wells up. The ordinary, everyday past, the past that had been discarded in the course of time. Not the personal dramas or the great historical events, but the fleeting moments that didn’t seem to be worth hanging onto: the forgotten airs of songs that everybody used to sing, the price of a subway ticket, an outdated slogan, a fad no longer in fashion… Insignificant, unessential memories, sometimes funny, sometimes not. Je me souviens is a fine-mesh net cast into the sea of memory and hauling into shore the impalpable mist of nostalgia …


Coproduction Festival d’automne à Paris, Spectacles Lumbroso, Spectacles ALAP By Georges Perec Directed and performed by Samy Frey In collaboration with the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde