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Judson Church is Ringing in Harlem (Made-to-Measure)

Trajal Harrell

Twenty Looks of Paris is Burning at the Judson Church (M2M)
After making a big impression with (M)imosa and Antigone Sr., Trajal Harrell concludes in splendid fashion his cycle of an imagined encounter between the formalism of postmodern dance and the flamboyance of voguers.


New Mythology

An almost completely bare stage, three men dressed in black tunics, palpable tension. The charismatic trio officiates at a liturgy of the body that conjures the mythical Judson Church in 1963. With Made-to-Measure, the New Yorker Trajal Harrell offers a splendid conclusion to his dance cycle, creating an imagined encounter between the formalism of postmodern dance, the grandeur of a chorus of mourners, and the flamboyance of voguers.

Constrained movements, muted gestures, charged emotion. Suddenly the ambience of a vogue ball disperses the tragic tone and the stage becomes a podium, the movements more pronounced, exuberant, cathartic. After (M)imosa (2012) and Antigone Sr. (2014), which left a lasting impression on the minds of festivalgoers, the choreographer pursues his fascinating work of memory that poses the same question, but this time in reverse. What would have happened if the Greenwich Village dancers found themselves in Harlem at a voguing ball? Minimalism, tragedy and lascivious poses jostle together in this conceptual experimentation that evokes historically charged traditions and alludes to racial segregation in a celebration of the avant-garde, as well as Afro-American and queer culture. History indeed made to measure.


Produced by Trajal Harrell
Choreographed by Trajal Harrell
Performed by Trajal Harrell + Thibault Lac + Ondrej Vidlar
Costume Design complexgeometries
Sound Design Trajal Harrell

Co-produced by Danspace Project – Platform 2012 (New York) including Judson@50 (New York) + MoMA PS1 (New York) + Hau Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin)

Residency support ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival

Premiered at Danspace Project, New York, on October 11, 2012


© Bengt Gustafsson

Trajal Harrell (New York)

An American choreographer and dancer, Trajal Harrell has crafted a dance vocabulary that draws on the history of movements and the aesthetics of dance.

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