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La chambre des enfants

Nancy Bussières , Anne-Marie Ouellet ,
Thomas Sinou

In an open, luminous room, the dreams of children take on shape and colour, leading you on a voyage through oneiric landscapes that will stay with you forever!


Destination: Wonder

In an open, luminous room, dreams take on shape and colour. The children who inhabit this space—and they really are children—tease each other, create extraordinary worlds, or comfort each other when a storm threatens their lair. Their stories of adventure evoke the wind and storms of the coast, the wolves and pine trees of the forest, mountains, and pebbles on the beach. Set free, their imagination gives rise to captivating images aimed at dreamers of all kinds.

A phantasmagoria for young and old alike, La chambre des enfants is a treasure-house of invention, a true gem of theatre for young audiences. In the same space as White Out, the collaborators from L’eau du bain devote themselves to dreams in their most youthful incarnation. Having been handed the keys to the kingdom, the kids let their imaginations run wild in this oneiric journey that completes a stunning theatrical double-bill.


Produced by L’eau du bain
Written and directed by Anne-Marie Ouellet
Sound Design Thomas Sinou
Lighting Design Nancy Bussières
Performed by LiCan-Marie Leduc + Charline Salesse Bergeron + Isaac Salesse Bergeron + Camille Schryburt Cellard + Jeanne Sinou + Benjamin Zdunich + Gabriel Zdunich
Set Design Simon Guilbault
Dramaturgy Mélanie Dumont
Costume Design and props Karine Galarneau
Assistant Director Moriana Kachmarsky
Stage Managers Émilie Camiré-Pecek + Zackari Gosselin
Lighting Design Assistant Guillaume Saindon
Generative Designer, TouchDesigner Developer Hugues Caillères (mirari)
Developped with the support of Fonds national de création du Centre national des Arts (Ottawa) + Département de théâtre de l’Université d’Ottawa + Hexagram-UQAM + Théâtre français du Centre national des Arts (Ottawa) + Balancing Act (Toronto)
Presented in association with Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal
Premiered at Théâtre français du Centre national des Arts, Ottawa, on April 6, 2022.

Written by Jade Préfontaine
Translated by David Dalgleish


© Isabel Rancier

Nancy Bussières (Montreal)
L'eau du bain

An artist and professor at the École supérieure de théâtre at the Université du Québec à Montréal, Bussières has designed the lighting for many shows, adopting an approach focused on experience and perception.

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Anne-Marie Ouellet (Chelsea)
L'eau du bain

Anne-Marie Ouellet, who defines herself as the group’s “prospector,” is interested in the porous spaces between reality and fiction. Also a professor in the University of Ottawa’s Department of Theatre, she handles directing duties for L’eau du bain and sometimes appears on stage, allowing her to pursue her experimentation at the heart of the theatre.

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Thomas Sinou (Chelsea)
L'eau du bain

Thomas Sinou, who studied at the Institut supérieur des techniques du son in Paris, is interested in the interaction between the audience, the theatrical space, and the people who perform there.


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