© Anne de Guise

La lumière blanche

Three women meet in the desert. The first is monstrously ugly, the second is a spontaneous and colourful penguin, while the third is well brought up and pregnant.


The ugly one proposes games and exercises leading them to dig down deep into their lives as women. The games are hardly innocuous, and ultimately each woman in turn finds herself on trial. But as they unravel their lives, what new relationships do they build? Why do these three women decide to stay together in the desert, despite their violent conflicts? What is it they are looking for that draws them together?

Says Pol Pelletier: “For me, it is largely a cleansing process: exorcizing the pain, confusion and sorrow that lie at the heart of female existence. To clean it all away. And crystallize it. So that everything becomes clear, ruthlessly clear.”



Written and directed by Pol Pelletier
Co-produced by the Théâtre Expérimental des Femmes and the Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui