© Louise Oligny

Le Chien/The Dog

Brigitte Haentjens

A son goes back home, to a trailer home somewhere in northern Ontario. Somewhere, nowhere.


To talk to his father. To confront him. The son has seen the world. He has seen the dream of America, with its wide highways, its asphalt freedom… But the dream clashes with the silence of a crusked minority, the pettiness of the village, the father’s inability to hear, the immobility of the trailer home frozen in fear. The phantoms of abandonment haunt this isolated backwater. Yet outside, a dog tied up on a leash growls angrily and howls its despair at the moon…


Coproduction Théâtre du Nouvel Ontario and Théâtre français du Centre natlonal des Arts By Jean-Marc Dalpé Directed by Brigitte Haentjens