© Yves Dubé

Le rail

First, the earth… its odour, its stifling presence… A nameless place… Fog pierced by the tracks, the railway. A convoy of men, women and goods: travellers, an opera singer, soldiers, desire.


Gilles Maheu and Carbone 14’s play does not address rational perceptions in its staging. Light and space define formal experiment and a new, sophisticated and provocative aesthetic.

LE RAIL draws systematically on all interpretive arts—mime, music, theatre and dance – inventing a stage dynamic that parallels fantasy.

Gilles Maheu’s brutal and sensual use of space relentlessly unsettles the comfort of the principles and certitudes of theatre.

LE RAIL: above all, for desire.


By Gilles Maheu and Carbone 14
Directed by Gilles Maheu
A Carbone 14 production