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Le super méga continental

Sylvain Émard

375 Montrealers perform a gigantic Continental in unison on a colossal dance floor, the biggest line dance ever. Sheer bliss!


First he presented a big version, then a bigger one, then an XL… and now he’s back with a super mega version! Sylvain Émard will be inviting the public — in September this time — to a gigantic Continental performed by 375 extremely enthusiastic amateur dancers. No doubt about it, the Super méga continental will transform Place des Festivals into a colossal dance floor featuring the biggest line dance in Montréal. Sheer bliss!

After electrifying nine other big cities around the world, the event created in 2009 at the FTA is coming back home. Citizens of all ages and backgrounds and from every neighbourhood will assemble to perform in unison an undeniably contemporary line dance, a grand twirling and very human kaleidoscope, a unique and entertaining collective experience. Chances are, as often happens, the party will continue after the final bows with an energetic post-show propelled by DJ Poirier for the evening performances. Party time indeed!



Produced by Sylvain Émard Danse
Choreographed by Sylvain Émard
Sound design Martin Tétreault + Poirier
Lighting design Bruno Rafie
Rehearsal coach Nathalie Blanchet
Rehearsal assistants Maryse Carrier + Claudia Chan Tak + Stéphane
Deligny + Mark Eden-Towle +Geneviève Gauvreau + Audrée Juteau + Nicolas Patry + Amélie
Rajotte + David Rancourt + Julie Siméon + Catherine Viau + Daniel Villeneuve
DJ Poirier
Production manager Pierre Koch
Technical director Karine Gauthier
Media partners La Presse +, Rythme FM

Co-produced by Festival TransAmériques

An event part of the official programming of the 375th anniversary of Montreal
Co-presented by Sylvain Émard Danse + Festival TransAmériques
Also part of KM3, a public art event presented throughout the Quartier des spectacles

Written by Mylène Joly
Translated by Neil Kroetsch
Promotional video MAS Vidéo Film

Premiered at Festival TransAmériques, Montreal, on September 15, 2017


© Cindy Boyce

Sylvain Émard (Montreal)
Sylvain Émard Danse

Sylvain Émard is at the forefront of contemporary dance in Canada. Initially adopting a theatrical approach, his works soon took on the formal, poetic aesthetics for which he is well known.

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